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Belgium trip (in the future)

We are planning on going to Belgium in 2025 (I know, I'm a planner). Any breweries or pubs that you would recommend? We just got the new Rick Steves book and are going through it. I think we are going to go in late September or early October when the flights are cheaper and that is when we typically vacation. Appreciate the help!

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Belgium is a beer culture country. There are breweries and great beer pubs all over! As the poster above noted, the first step will be to plan your itinerary based on the other sites you want to see. You will also want to determine if you will rent a car or use only public transportation, as some of the breweries are out in the countryside. Ask the question of the Forum again with that information, and I am sure that you will receive great
tips. You might also search previous posts on Belgium in this Forum for ideas as you plan.
Congratulations on choosing Belgium! It's a country that is often overlooked by travelers but is densely packed with amazing sights and experiences.

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You can collect some more data here using the Search box top center, which works pretty well. Note that you can filter for Travel Form and for 6-12-24 months, too. I'm not a beer expert, but note that Inbev, the company that swallowed Anheuser-Busch is Belgian. I would not assume that big breweries offer organized tours the way they do in the USA. But there are many tiny breweries I've heard mentioned on this forum, that sound fascinating, if hard to do without a car. But note strict European drunk driving enforcement.

In the most popular areas of Belgium (let's say, from Ostend to Leuven), a car is usually a hindrance, not an aid. So I suggest you separate your car days from your train days. And by hindrance, I include the third-party parking companies contracted by the cities, with tiny aisles and tiny stalls. Not just the medieval one-way streets, and bumper-to-bumper highways.

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I just came from Belgium. Spent 11 days there. I would recommend Den Engle in Antwerp, Cafe Vlissinghe in Bruges, the Hot Club in Ghent, Le Cirio and A La Mort Subite in Brussels.

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Brussels pubs/cafes:

A La Mort Subite: In my opinion a must see.

Toon: My personal Favorite. They have Kwak on tap and serve it in the glass with the wooden stand. Nice vibe.

De Le Bacasse: They still serve their Lambic in small clay pitchers. Good spot for a short afternoon refresher if you happen to be in the area. Not a large place and from my experience (Which isn't a lot) it was kind of an older crowd.

Dulle Griet: My favorite spot in ghent for beer. Good variety. Good crowd.

Bier huis ( on the water) Cool spot. a bit touristy but I still enjoy it.

Good Luck and have a great trip !