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Belgium Train Tickets Diabolo Fee (to/from Brussels Airport)

I went to the site to purchase a train ticket to get to Ghent from Brussels Airport and then I'll need one from Ghent
back to Brussels Airport. I was reading about the Diabolo supplemental fee that one may need to buy/pay
in addition to the train ticket. It states that if you have a Standard Ticket to/from Brussels Airport - Zantem you
do not need to pay/buy the Diabolo fee. Are they referring to a standard Belgian train ticket?

Or are they referring to an air ticket to/from Brussels Airport?
I'm assuming that its best to buy the first class so that we have a reserved seat and room for our luggage.

I need to arrive at the Brussels airport for a 6 am flight and want to be sure I have everything I need with no surprises,
any advice ? We're flying Sept 11 from Brussels to Dubrovnik on TUI (yes, the low cost airline which was the only one
with a direct flight). We're told we should be there 2 hrs before the flight.

Thank you for any insights and suggestions in advance.

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The Diabolo fee is part of train tickets to the airport. That is stated on the Belgian Rail site. For instance, a 2nd class Sr ticket from Gent Sint Pieters to Brussels Airport is 12.20 EUR. A 2nd class Sr ticket from Gent Sint Pieters to Diegem, just outside the airport, is 6.80 EUR. So adding the Diabolo fee of 5.40 EUR equals 12.20 EUR. Thus the Diabolo fee is part of any ticket to Brussels airport.

I suppose that if you were traveling on a railpass, you would have to buy a Diabolo supplement to go to the airport, thus why it is offered for sale on the Belgian Rail site.

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An additional question to add to this inquiry as we will be making the same journey but just one way from Brussels airport to Ghent: is it necessary or any more economical to buy this ticket in advance?

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It is a Belgian IC train, so price is always the same and it does not "sell out". No need to buy in advance.
There is a Sr discount for over 64, but you get this regardless.