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Belgium must-reserve sites?

I'm planning a trip to Belgium this summer.
I will go to Bruges, Ghent, Brussels, and possibly Antwerp.
I understand that booking a reservation for the Ghent Altarpiece is pretty much considered necessary.
I've seem some comments that Gravensteen castle in Ghent can also sell out.
Besides those, I am not sure what other sites would likely need advanced reservations to avoid disappointment.
Are there any other sites that reservations are necessary or, at least, highly recommended?

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I see that the guidebook suggests that "advanced online booking recommended during peak times" for the Bruges Bell Tower.

I haven't noticed other Bruges sites with the same recommendation, but I will be there during what the book says is peak time--the end of June.

Are there often long lines for other sites/museums in Bruges?

I saw in a youtube video that the lines for the Bruges canal cruise can be very long, but I don't think those are possible to reserve in advance.