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Belgium Labour Day (May 1) 2023

We are looking at a trip that includes spending Belgium's Labour Day weekend (April 29 to May 1) in Brussels. From what I can tell, it looks like pretty much everything is open and operating more or less as usual. I suspect that things may be a little more crowded because of the long weekend. Does anyone have any experiences with travel over Labour Day weekend in Belgium that we should be aware of or concerned about?

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Just because May 1, 2023 is a Monday, that doesn’t mean there is such a thing as “Labour day weekend”. In terms of things being open or closed, Saturday April 29 and April 30, 2023 will be just like any other Saturday or Sunday. Things that are normally open on a Saturday and/or Sunday will be open. Things that are normally closed on a Sunday, will then also be closed.
Your biggest issue however will be Monday May 1, 2023. Labour day is an official holiday in Belgium, which means that pretty much everything will be closed and people will have the day off from work. This in addition to some sights that are always closed on a Monday anyway. There may be some things open, but you will need to research beforehand and double check.