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Antwerp restaurants

Seeking recommendations for Antwerp restaurants. What to splurge one, what's more casual and fun? We're there three nights.

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A special and popular place in Antwerp is The Jane and corresponding Upper Room Bar. In 2015 proclaimed by CNN to one of the 17th most beautiful restaurants in the world. It is not in the centre of Antwerp, there is a nearby tram stop (line 4). Have to say I have no experience there, but nevertheless I want to bring it to your attention. (klik on the top middle icon for the menu.)

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I had two fabulous meals in Antwerp last year.

At Rode7 ( I ate sitting outside. The food was great. I had lasagna of all things. (I'd been in Ghent for three days prior and discovered that eating local cuisine at restaurants isn't the best option. Kind of like going to a fine restaurant in the USA and ordering meat loaf and mashed potatoes. It might taste good, but it's not a memorable dining experience.) Very casual and relaxed.

The other great meal I had was at Hoffy's (, a Kosher restaurant in the diamond district not far from the train station. When you go in, you'll begin with a visual feast, a huge showcase of beautiful food. I asked them to create a meal for me based on their recommendations, and it was incredible. I also bought some to-go items for a picnic the next day.