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Antwerp restaurant for a solo traveller.

Hi, I'll be travelling to antwerp soon for a couple of days and was just wondering if anyone can recommend a restaurant where I can get a good steak and not feel too uncomfortable as a solo diner?
I'll be staying near to the university btw.


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Why a steak in Antwerp? Don't you like Flemish cuisine? I ate alone at Pelgrom on Pelgrimsstraat and found the ambiance very cordial for a solo diner. Plus the Flemish specialties were delicious.

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First of all, it's possible to get a steak; whether it's cooked to your liking is another story, if my experiences in Paris and northern France are anything to go on. I had no problems in that regard. If you aren't picky, that's fine. Why should you feel anything different entering a restaurant as a solo diner? That should not deter you in the least. My overwhelming experience over there recently has been that of a solo diner.

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Well, I like Pelgrom too, but the light level (medieval cellar, not "romance") is too low for reading, which is what I do when I'm a solo diner. I'm afraid I've never looked for a steak in Antwerp. There are some Argentinian restaurants, but I suspect some of them might be franchises. The best steak in the area (French beef) I can imagine would be Het Meulderke in Turnhout, but it's not really accessible by public transportation. Lower budget, and other red meats but in Antwerp might be Persepolis, a modest Persian restaurant near the Jesuit church and the public library.

One of the restaurants on Grote Markt used to have "stone steak", with a fiery-hot stone delivered in front of you to cook your pieces of steak. But they gave it up. Maybe someone else in Antwerp does it now.