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Antwerp/Ghent/Bruges - Winter

It was suggested to us that we might want to add the above to our itinerary when traveling between Amsterdam and Paris. We (2 adults/2 teen boys) will be there late November.
Should we stop? (We'd have about 2 days)
See all three? (If not, which are best)
What should we not miss??
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Does two days mean "one night"? Although Belgium has good local train services, it makes a big difference. How cumbersome is your luggage?

It would be helpful to know what you like about visiting Europe. Bruges is a tremendously popular destination because of the well-preserved medieval town center. But it might be of little interest to the average teen boy. (?) Antwerp has superb museums and a thriving international port, but some people say not as much charm as Bruges. It does have a medieval town square and lots of history, especially in fine arts. Ghent has nearly the most important single piece of art in Europe (... Opinion ... ).

Edit: By "tremendously popular" I also meant that people will ask you if you went to Bruges. That's a terrible reason to go an hour each way out of your path, but it has to be reckoned with. Bruges is perhaps the most asked-about Belgian city on any travel newsboard.

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Bruges often sets up a Christmas market complete with skating rink on the Markt at about that time of year. After Paris last year I don't know the plans for this year.

IMHO Gent has the best chocolates (this the result of scientific study - consisting of a box or 10 at many of the choices in Gent, Antwerpen and Brugge, to say nothing of Brussel; this study is not complete, may never be) at our favourite place.

Antwerpen has excellent examples of Art Nouveau architecture and a neat station with trains on several levels.

If you only have one night there is no way to do all three of these, or even two.

Choose based on your collective preferences and desires.

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In addition to what the others wrote, Gent also hosts a large university. I'm sure a pair of teenage boys wouldn't mind being set free there for a day, particularly because the university will probably be in session during your visit.