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Amsterdam, Belgium and Germany travel

Hi there,

I will be traveling for three weeks in the spring of 2016. I fly into Amsterdam and plan on using the local transportation there for 6 days. Then I need to travel to Assenede in Belgium as a base for 7 days in Belgium with plans to day trip to Bruge, Ghent and Brussels as well as the country side of Flanders. Maybe a day trip to the sea. Then I need to travel to Waillett in south east Belgium for 1 night (visiting relatives) before going onto Lorch-Lorchhausen on the Rhine in Germany for 7 nights. Then back to Amsterdam to fly home.

My question to you seasoned travelers: Should I travel by train from Amsterdam, to a city (if so which one?)in Belgium to rent an auto, then drive to Assenede, using the auto for my day trips? Should I use the day train to get to Burge, Ghent and Brussels to avoid traffic and parking? If I rent an auto in Belgium to use for my time in Belgium, then I could use that same vehicle to go to Germany and use the auto for the next week. I would then have to take the auto back to Belgium (to avoid drop off charges) before I caught a train back to Amsterdam to fly home. If so, what Belgium city near Germany should I drop my vehicle and catch the train? Or: Return the Belgium auto in Belgium, train to Germany and rent another auto there and return in Germany to catch the train to Amsterdam? Thanks for your advice.

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Coming from Amsterdam you can if possible pick up the car in Antwerp and take the E34 freeway to Assenede.

Assenede is a bit remote from the larger cities like Ghent and Bruges. The bus to the centre of Ghent needs some 50 minutes to get there. Or you can drive to the free parking in Evergem and go with the tram to the city centre. For Bruges you can use the car, by following the same E34 freeway direction coast and park the car near the large parking lot just near the railway station, costing €0,70 / 1h. to a maximum of €3.50 / 24h.

For Brussels you can go with the car to the parking near Ghent Sint-Pieters railwaystation, but is quite expensive or take the bus needing 1 hour (1 change) or a bit more depending the route, and take one of the frequent trains to Brussel Centraal needing just a comfy half hour.

From Assenede to Antwerp is to my opinion best using your car and park it at “Linkeroever” and take the tram to the city centre.

Your host must also be familiar how to get to the places you want to visit with car or public transport. For eating mussels Philippine is just 8 km north of Assenede.

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If so, what Belgian city near Germany should I drop my vehicle and catch the train?" How about Liege? Then take regional train Liege to Aachen.