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airport transit time

I'm arriving 0700 from Charlotte on USAir in mid-June and hope to transit to Geneva the same day. How much time will I need to make an EasyJet departure. There is an 0810 flight then not another until 1730?
This will be my first time on EasyJet and I've already determined that my carry-on luggage will have to be checked for their flight.

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I am assuming you will be arriving in Brussels since you posted this in the Belgium section. Is your flight direct from Charlotte? Or will you have a layover somewhere in Europe? You will most likely not make the 0810 flight as you have to allow for time to deplane, go through immigration/passport control (if you haven't already done it during your layover), retrieve your luggage (if it's checked on the USAir flight),then check your luggage for the EasyJet flight and go through security again.

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Thanks Mary, my post wasn't clear. We arrive non-stop Brussels from Charlotte. My query is really about how long the passport/immigration/security control is at Brussels airport. Last May Athens had no immigration control whatsoever and I had needlessly delayed a flight to Santorrini thinking I'd not be able to make the morning flight.