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4 Day in Belgium Vs. 3 Days in Belgium + 1 Day in Copenhagen


I will be in Belgium later this month for 4 days. I was initially thinking of the following itinerary

Option 1:
1.5 days in Bruges, 0.5 days on Ghent, 1.5 days in Brussels, 0.5 days in Antwerp

I have been thinking of an alternate itinerary:

Option 2:
1.5 days in Bruges, 0.5 days on Ghent, 1 day in Brussels, 1 day in Copenhagen

Basically I am sacrificing half a day in Brussels and half a day in Antwerp for a day in Copenhagen. How should I decide between Option 1 and 2. Please advise.


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I would stick with an Option 1 since you only have limited time in Belgium, just 4 days. Visit Copenhagen another time and commit your time solely to the Belgian cities. There is alot to see in Belgium. Are you flying into Belgium from U.S or taking train there within Europe from another Euro City?

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Thanks RJean. I am flying from Chicago to Paris and then taking a train to Bruges and then continue our trip to Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp.

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Skip Copenhagen this trip does not make sense.
SAS has a direct to Copenhagen from Chicago

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Which city do you plan to use as a base in order to explore the other towns ?

Ghent would make an ideal base to explore the towns. The train travel is less than 1 hour from each of the other locations. Base yourself there and do day trips.

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I will be using Bruges as the base for first 2 days to see Bruges and Ghent
I will be using Brussels as the base for the next 2 days to see Brussels and Antwerp

Here is my itinerary outline:

  1. ORD - CGD - Stay in Paris for 2 Days
  2. Take train from Paris to Bruges- Stay for 2 Days (See Bruges and Ghent)
  3. Take train from Bruges to Brussels - Stay for 2 Days (See Brussels and Antwerp)
  4. Take train from Brussels to Amsterday - Stay for 3 Days
  5. AMS - ORD - Back to US

So overall, it seems that Copenhagen is a no-go, given my tight schedule. I was worried that 4 days in Belgium would be a bit overkill but sounds like that I should stick with my original plan. Would you agree?

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You have a solid itinerary. Yeah Copenhagen is a no go this time. Your itinerary is packed. Cheer up! you will have a great time.

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I spent two weeks in Belgium and loved it. Wished I had more time. I would forget the Copenhagen idea.

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Don’t bother with Brussels unless you want to see the art museums, You don’t have time. There may be a train from Antwerp to Amsterdam. Bruges or Ghent can be done in one full day. Antwerp cannot.

I seriously don't think you should be afraid if 4 days in Belgium will be an overkill. Skip Brussels, Ghent and Antwerp deserve more than 0.5 day. And Copenhagen is really out of the way. Save that for the next trip

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Those aren't the splits that I would choose for myself. But then I have been to all 4 of the cities you mention in Belgium, many times.

I would take different amounts of time in some of these based on what I like to see, and what I like to return to time after time.

The only way really that I can help with duration in each of the cities is to know what it is that you are there to visit and see.

What appealed to you about Bruges? A boat ride? A walk or cycle to the coast? The Basilica of the Holy Blood? The Fish Market? Shopping? People watching? Riding in a horse drawn carriage? Strolling the back streets? The food? The Minnewater? The Roman ruins? The archery? Windmills? Bike riding on the cobblestones? Climbing the Belfry? Drinking Belgian beer? Drinking Gin? Seeing the Michelangelo? What?

See what I mean? How else can we help if we don't know which is important to you and which you don't care about. What attracted you to Bruges?

Same or similar questions about the other cities. And why did you want a day in Copenhagen?

Just for the record, if I were doing it, I would base in one place, probably Gent, and take the short train rides to Bruges, Antwerp and Brussels from there. They are all about the same length of train ride away, although Brussels may be fractionally faster. Unless I had a particular goal in Brussels - I usually don't - I would only change trains there if needed (probably on the way from Paris) and spend no further time there, certainly not with your short time frame, a day in Antwerp, a day in Gent, and the rest in Bruges. Frankly I'd probably skip one of those and take 2 in each of 2.

But please tell us what you hope to see and do.

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I'd skip Brussels add the time to Bruges and day trip from there. You can train between Antwerp and Bruges I believe