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2 N BURGES, 3 N Brussels. Please provide feedback.

Departing in early Oct 2018 from YVR- Amsterdam, Netherlands, stays 3-4 N.

Train from Amsterdam- Burges, (appx: 3 hr by Thalys, correct ?), Stay 2 N

Train from Burges- Brussels 3 N ( whats are the highlights in Brussels considers staying 2 vs 3 N ?)

Plane from Brussels to Venice (3-4 N)

Venice- Florence (3-4 N)

Venice- Milan (3-4 N)

Fly back to YVR.

Per Brussels airline, Brussels- Venice has the cheapest fair ( one way). I wonder there are 2 options. Perhaps A or B both is ok depends on the price ?

A) Plane: Brussels-Venice, Venice- Florence- Milan (train), then fly YVR

B) Plane: Brussels- Florence, Florence-Venice-Milan(Train), then fly YVR

Also, when visiting Amsterdam, Netherland- Brussels, Burges, to Florence, Venice, Milan, how convenient to take public transit from place to place ? When can I purchase online train pass ? Which website/ tips you could share about booking online.

Many thanks.


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I'd base the flight from Belgium to Italy based on best airfares and schedules. I'd guess flying to Venice would be cheaper than flying to Florence but I haven't looked; I'd consult Google Flights and go based on that.

Is one train routing (Venice-Florence-Milan) better than the other (Florence-Venice-Milan)? Not sure - I'd probably check both ways. I suspect there isn't a huge difference.

Don't buy a rail pass. Buy individual train tickets. Some tickets in some countries are cheaper when purchased in advance, others aren't, and in some countries some trains are cheaper ahead of time others not. In Italy for example, regional train tickets cost the same last minute as they do in advance, but reserved fast trains tend to be more expensive closer to last minute as cheaper seats sell out.

For Italy, try the Trenitalia website to buy tickets: (use correct Italian spellings of city names).

You can google the other official country websites for their trains. Also try (multiple countries) and (general Europe train info).

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Thanks for your promote response.

I will look into the website and detail you mention.

How’s weather in middle to end Oct while travel to these places ? temp gets cooler, high chance of rain or not sure.

What about take public transit in each city ? No need to rent a car correct ?

Where and how to buy SIM card with data while traveling in Europe


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Yes, you can get between all of those places easily by train.

I haven't been to Europe past mid-October. Generally, though, of course, the weather will turn colder and your chance of rain tends to increase but will be different every year. Maybe you'll have beautiful weather the entire time; maybe you'll have some rain. On the other hand, you'll see fewer crowds and tourists (especially Bruges and Venice) and prices may be a bit cheaper.

The EU has done away with roaming fees so you should be able to use a SIM bought in the first country in the others. Last year I bought a Dutch Vodafone SIM on eBay (never even visited the Netherlands though you will be obviously so just buy it there) and used it in Slovenia, France, and Italy only for data, not for local calls. There have been some reports of these SIMs not working for tourists for roaming (UK SIM cards), but my Dutch Vodafone SIM worked fine last year in other countries.

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Just my opinion, but unless you’re into museums, one full day in Brussels in enough. There are nicer cities I prefer over it. The Grand Place is nice as are the chocolate stores (Mary and Galler). Of course, there is the obligatory stop to see the Mannaken pis statue, very near the Grand Place.

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You have been advised on your other thread(s) to get hold of a good guide book. You really need one and you have 6 months to study and decide which “highlights” are for you.