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1st time for Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg beginning or ending in Paris

Hi- just trying to get an itinerary together for a possible trip to Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg and Paris...any thoughts ...time is 3 weeks..thanks, Cheri

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Sounds fun, Cheri. When it's your first time in a place, always go with Rick's suggestions in the 'recommended priorities' and 'suggested itineraries' sections in the front of the books.

For me, the only other considerations I would make would be weather I'd enjoy the Abbey Ales, the Dutch Genever, or French wine with our local conversation.

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We'll need more info from you, if we are to give you helpful suggestions.

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It looks like that info is even online now. Here's the list of Belgium's 'recommended priorities':

2 days: Bruges
4 days, add: Brussels and Ghent
6 days, add: Antwerp
7 days, add: Flanders Field (near Bruges) plus time to just slow down

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You can get started with prioritized sites listed by country and city at, but then you'll want a guidebook like Rick's to fill in the daily details. Amsterdam and Paris both have tons to see, especially if you like museums; I would like to have 2 or 3 full days in Amsterdam and probably 5 in Paris.