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There is not a specific forum for Luxemburg, so I figured Belgium is the closest to it.

Any ideas for travel in Luxemburg?

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Hi royal1233,
In order for others to help you, always try to give more details...this way you will probably get more replies and better advice.
Are you asking if it is a good idea to go to Luxemburg? Or ideas how to get there?
What are your interests?
Luxemburg City is not a big town, but I found it lovely. IMO, it was worth going.

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I'll be in Luxembourg next summer with an Odysseys-Unlimited tour. After visiting the Mardasson Memorial, Bastogne War Museum, and the Luxembourg American Cemetery and Memorial, I'll have about 1/2 day to explore Luxembourg City on my own. From TripAdvisor, it looks as though there are some lovely walking areas. Viewing the inside of the Notre Dame Cathedral and touring the palace of the Grand Dukes also appear to be good options. Any input from those who have been there would be most welcome. I'm interested in suggestions for lunch and dinner, too. Thanks!

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You may want to check before you go if they will have open air cinema again...They were showing Breakfast at Tiffany's on a big screen near the Palace while I was there...It is a simple activity...but the lights on old building...It was great!

The market (near city hall) on Saturdays is very nice. My hotel was facing it...and it was a pleasant suprise to have a market so close!

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The restored Family of Man photography exhibition is now on permanent display at Clervaux Castle. It's 37 km from Luxembourg City (maybe go with some friends in a taxi)? The exhibit is open Wednesday to Sunday from 12h to 18h.

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We don't have any specific recommendations for Luxembourg, but know that you certainly can spend a pleasant day there.

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Your question is just a touch vague. Luxembourg the country, while compact, is composed of several quite different areas, with different languages and topography, and many very impressive things to see.

But with such a broad question it is difficult to be specific without you saying what are your interests, needs wants and desires.

Can you frame your question more specifically please?

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Borders don't really matter so much when sightseeing from such a small country. The most scenic part of Luxembourg, and the part I like best, is the Ardennes, including Bastogne, just across the border in Belgium, and the castles like Vianden along the border with Germany. Luxembourg City is expensive but the casements make a brief visit worthwhile. And there's a lot of important history in the more open country to the south and west that attracted conquerors from Atilla to Hitler: Sedan, Rheims, Verdun, Trier and, to the north, Aachen.

I have argued all along for including Luxembourg by name with Belgium in the Forum and Explore Europe, but that does not appear to be in the works. In any case, here is a a website that might help:

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If you do go to Luxemburg, do not forget the American Military Cemetery. It like all of the other American cemeteries is beautifully kept and stopping there to pay our respects is something we all should do. Stop and say thank you at an Unknown grave. About 1/3 of the graves are empty because the families had the remains repatriated but the Unknowns will be there forever.


My partner and I are going to Belgium in a couple of weeks and would like to day trip to Luxembourg. All of the tour operators I have found end their tours in October. Does anyone have any information about day tours? Or is just easy to just go on your own. We are not sure what the "can't miss" sights are. Any insight will be greatly appreciated!

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In addition to the already given info: Not in Luxembourg but certainly worth to consider about ‘The Battle of the Bulge’ is Bastogne, more info see: (select English). I have no experience with guided tours, but according Tripadvisor ‘Battle of the Bulge Guided Tours’ and ‘Reg Jans Battlefield Experience - Day Tours’ are highly recommended there.

You can visit the well-known Mardasson Memorial just outside town with the nearby new Bastogne War Museum. Bastogne Barracks is certainly worth to consider, where you can visit during the week the ‘Vehicle Restoration Centre’. However the Belgian Government has plans to close the latter, so check out if it´s still open to public.

In Luxembourg there are several smaller museums about the battle like those in Diekirch and Ettelbrück.
To my opinion you need more than one day to see everything well.

From Brussels a daytrip to Luxembourg is doable with a rentaI car if you like to see different places, public transport will in this case too much of a hassle.