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Hotel Ambassade, Waregem

On your approach to the Hotel Ambassade, you may wonder “What am I getting into?” However, once you get past the seedy environment, you will find a well-run and attractive small hotel. The hotel is located about halfway between the railway station and the city center. That makes it a longish walk either way, but it is not excessive. It is a long way from the hippodrome, and longer still from the American military cemetery. You approach from the street by passing rows of rental single-car garages. The hotel itself is an old (not historic) building across from a modern one-story structure that appears to be a light industrial firm.

The interior is well maintained. The décor and furniture are not at all shabby. We noticed some tobacco smell in the hallways but none at all in our room. It appears that one person runs everything, from the front desk to the breakfast. He is an older gentleman given to wearing a long shirt, knee length trousers, and flip-flops. He clearly knows his job. He listens to your questions and explains carefully and fully.

There is a tiny elevator: big enough for two people or one person with luggage.

The rooms are about the normal size for a hotel. The fixtures all work fine. You will probably want to use your own toiletries, as the supplied items are a mixture of regular brands that you can find in the supermarket or pharmacy. One odd feature of our room was that the bathroom door was translucent glass. It provided enough privacy, but if you need to turn on the light your partner might be disturbed.

Breakfast is continental. Don’t expect bacon and eggs. You will find cold meat, cheese, cereal, bread, rolls, croissants, fruit, and packaged waffles. Among the condiments is Biscoff (Speculoo) butter, which happens to be the most wonderful substance known to mankind.

The clientele seems to be mostly business travelers. Many of the tables in the breakfast room were occupied by groups of men in matching polo shirts—clearly in town for some kind of job.

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