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Favorite restaurants in Bruge, Ghent and Brussels

Hi all- we will be in all 3 cities April 10-15 so any favorite restaurant recommendations would be great, thanks

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We had a very enjoyable meal at the Gruuthuse Hof at Mariastraat. Price was reasonable, food was very good, and the atmosphere was very warm and friendly. Since you are ahead of the season, you probably won't need a reservation. Also on Bruge, don't miss a chance to stop for a waffle and a CUP of hot chocolate in the upstairs tea room at the Old Chocolatehouse at 1 Mariastraat, simply fantastic.

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In Brussels, try Pre de Chez Nous, a wonderful new restaurant not too far from Grand Place. They have a fabulous prix fixe meal for only 28 euros. Everything was locally sourced and organic, and the menu changes every week depending on what is available in the local markets. The owners are also the chef and the waiter, and they love to chat in English about what they are offering and where the food comes from.

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All restaurant suggestions aside, just enjoy partaking in those delicacies that Belgium is known for and enjoy them in beautiful places, place unique to this wonderful nation. Have a local Belgian beer(in it's own glass) seated at a table in the Grand Place in Brussels. Pick up a sampler of chocolates at Dumonds in Bruges and walk around one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. Enjoy a paper cone filled with Belgian fries or a Liege waffle while ambling through Ghent. These experiences are all interchangeable amongst the three cities and can be done rather cheaply. Honestly, I can't remember most of the restaurants(all were good) we dined in when in Belgium but we will always remember the experiences that are uniquely Belgian.

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Well said Bill. I enjoyed all of those cities but can't remember the names but one comes to mind in Brussels called LeLombard in Brussels. It was recommended by a local tour guide we had. Very delicious and do drink Belgium beer in the appropriate glass , waffles, and those chocolates. Wish I brought back more chocolate!!!


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My favorite food experience in Belgium was Leonidas chocolate (sold in all three cities). It's not hand made, so it's much cheaper than the famous ones like Neuhaus or Godiva or Galler, but it uses good ingredients, and was delicious. It was so good I never even bothered trying any of the more expensive places.

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I've never eaten chocolate more luscious than from Moeder Babelutte in Brugge (let the Rickniks have their Dumond...).

Best restaurant where I've eaten in Brugge, or possibly anywhere else in Belgium is De Karmeliet. It's one of Michelin's top rated restaurants in Europe, so therefore, not cheap. But the meal was unforgettable. If you consider this place, note that they have a dress code.

Personally, I think Belgium has some of the highest food standards in Europe. You will almost never be disappointed in any restaurant.

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If you try Neuhaus or Galler you will notice an improvement compared to Leonidas. Godiva is on the same lower quality level as Leonidas.

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We will be spending part of the day in Brussels on our way from NL to Paris and want to make sure we can enjoy the foods they are known for. We usually try to dine in places away from tourist sites but since we will be there for such a short time, we will pretty much be only around those types. Is there any suffering in quality by getting a waffle or frites at a more touristy place or should we seek out the best places? We really are there more for the food so we would sacrifice a site if it meant a better experience with the food.

We will be near the Grand Palace and Cinquantenaire Park.

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I know this response is after your trip has already happened, but I will reply for other readers:

Possibly the best meal I've ever had, and definitely, the best on a trip was at La Rose Blanche in La Grande Place, Bruxelles. I was in a group of four, and each of us had phenomenal entrees. I had the pork shank, which was OUT OF THIS WORLD! Please give it a try!