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Brussels hotels near Midi-Zuid station

We'll be taking a girls' trip the third week of May and going in and out of Midi-Zuid station for day trips. Do you have any recommendations for safe hotels in the station area?

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Just FYI, all local and all long distance rail tickets (including Thalys) to Brussels either stop at all 3 downtown Brussels stations, or include the right to a one time local rail (not "Metro") trip to the other two.

Edit: Local trains serving the three downtown Brussels stations run 5-8 times an hour during the business day, so you don't care if you just missed one. You might have to move your luggage to another platform, of course.

Figure out whose credit card works best in the local train ticket machine, so you don't have to wait in line for a human sales agent, each day.

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If you are taking day trips in Belgium, you might be happier staying near Brussels Central station. Close to the Grand Place and other tourists sites in Brussels. Just as good a start point for day trips as Midi. If you are arriving at Midi, it is a short local train ride away.

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Although you may find a good hotel, the general area around Midi isn't particularly nice. I agree with the poster above who recommended staying near Central station instead and then making the short transfer to Midi for your day trip. When you return home in the evening you will want access to a safe and convenient area to have dinner and that's best found around the Central Station area. There are always lots of people and I have felt very comfortable there.
One and hold on to your bags carefully at Midi. We thought we were being quite diligent, but a policeman came out of his office to admonish us to be even more cautious.

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I also stayed at La Grande Cloche hotel in Brussels. It was between Central station and Midi. Maybe a bit closer to Midi and I used both, but I enjoyed the walk to Central by way of the Grand Place. Neither were a very far walk. It was a nice budget hotel, clean, safe and convenient. I'd stay there again.

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Thanks for all your input. We found something close to Grand Place and will use Central Station.

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I'm late to this and was going to agree with Linda and others about the area, and I think you have now made a better choice.