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Belgian Waffles in Brugge

For enormous, delicious waffles, Lizzie's Wafels is the place to go. It was recommended to us by a restaurateur we found in Rick Steves' Brussels and Brugge tour book and she didn't steer us wrong.
Lizzie's Wafels
Sint-Amandsstraat 27
8000 Brugge,
[email protected]

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We were in Brugge in April, and it seemed to us that ALL the Belgian Waffle stands in the area surrounding the Town Square were all pretty much the same product and same quality. And uniformly good. We must have passed this block of Sint-Armandsstraat coming off the square several times, and the cited storefront did not jump out at us.

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I'm not a shill! I was a bona fide traveler, touring Brugge with my family. I just found the business card on my desk and thought I'd post. I never do, but it reminded me of what nice waffles we had at Lizzie's. They weren't all that good.

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They have 185 reviews on trip adviser and 59 photos, I think its a legit rec and appreciate it as we will be there in a few months.