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Bad hotel in Brussels

Based on a recommendation in the Belgium guidebook, we stayed at Hotel La Legende on the night of April 12/13. After getting to our room, we found that there was no hot water and it took some fiddling by the front desk agent (owner?) to get hot water into our room. After returning from dinner, we found that we once again had no hot water - but the front desk was by that time (22:00) unmanned and there was no after-hours contact information available. It took another intervention the next morning to get hot water. At checkout, the front desk agent (owner?) only engaged in excuse-making and refused to take any responsibility. She was in no way interested in trying to work towards any sort of customer satisfaction and in the end accused me of only bringing this up so as to try and get a discount on the room.

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Please report this to the RS office (I guess the "Contact Us" link would work) so this hotel doesn't keep appearing I the guidebook.

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A lot of smaller hotels don't offer discounts for such mishaps . Not saying that is right , but just telling you that in Europe the " meals on is " is not a common part of customer service .

Did you read reviews in this hotel on other sites like TripAdvisor and ? I would never take one guide books recommendation only . Places change staff and policies so what might have been a good place one year might suck the next year , plus I believe some Hotels that make it intofuidbooks slack off because they no longer have to try to get business with that free endorsement