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Zell am See as daytrip from Salzburg

I'm leaning toward visiting Zell am See as a daytrip during our stay in Salzburg. I'm attracted to this because it looks like a simple trip via train with the Einfach Raus ticket (there will be my wife and I), and I'm thinking the train route itself will be scenic, we might have an internet acquaintance to get to meet who lives there (we are frequent posters on another forum), and I believe it has a nice lakeside walk. What we would plan on doing would be spending an afternoon and into the evening there before coming back to Salzburg. We would probably mostly enjoy walking around, and I'm wondering if anyone here has enjoyed the walking paths closest to town along the lake, as we wouldn't do the whole lake walk.
Also, based on images of the towns along the way, am I correct that the train ride itself looks pretty nice, and the Einfach raus eligible trains get to Zell in a little over an hour and a half, which to my mind is in the outer range of acceptable for a there and back type day trip.

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If you want to see spectacular scenery, rent a car and go to Zell-am-see. Then enter the Grossglockner High Alpine Highway, a toll road that goes straight over the Alps and ends in Lienz, Austria on the Italian border. The south side of the mountain is perhaps the most beautiful place I've ever seen. Then turn right and go back to the autobahn where you can turn north and go through the Brenner Pass into Innsbruck. It's a great day trip.
We always rent cars when traveling through The Alps. Trains don't go everywhere, and we can see so many sights and visit some great villages with a car. The roads are well paved and not difficult to drive--other than often being crooked.

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What David said is right,the trip over the Grossglockner Pass is very scenic.Near Zell am See is the Krimmel Water Fall which is the highest water fall in Europe accessable by train or Car.There is a special train that Runs from Zell to Krimmel.

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Is it doable as a day trip from Salzburg?

Am thinking to rent a car in Salzburg and drive to Zell am See and back that night? It that too much driving in one day?

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Kelly, it is only 87 km from Salzburg to Zell am See, which is about a 1hr 15min drive. You might want to start your own post for further information.

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We left Salzburg (by car) at around 0800, stopped at Hohenwerfen Castle for several hours and made it to Zell am See in time for a late-ish lunch. After walking around the city, which is very quaint and interesting (think Breckenridge or Vail Colorado without as many tacky tourist shops) we then pressed on to Hall in Tirol (with a couple other stops to explore) for the night.

Although we did this with a car, I think a day trip by train would be easy enough if the round trip connections were convenient. You might even be able to stop in Werfen and take a taxi to the castle if the train frequency allowed for it. It's a worthy stop...