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Would love to see a ball/waltz in Vienna

I am not seeing any listed on the events page mentioned in Rick Steves book. Any tips or ideas of finding a schedule? For Dec 24-28th window.

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You go to a ball - these aren’t shows you watch. There aren’t any balls over Christmas - they start after the holidays.

If you did go, you’d be expected to wear a ball gown, etc…

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Vienna-unwrapped lists the balls, all of which begin mid-January. They are expensive and have strict dress codes (evening dresses for women and tails for men). The site also had a listing for somewhere you could learn to waltz which might work for the time you are in Vienna.

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Our hotel recommended attending a concert at the Kursalon Vienna when we were in Vienna in 2019. We didn't end up going, but were told there would be dancers as well as the orchestra.

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Sorry, no chance for attending, given your timeframe. The first (smaller) ball events are on New Year's Eve.

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It looks like being a Carnival activity. On a side note, if you go to any clothing store in Austria, you will find departments for formal dress - above all, ball gowns in the ladies area, that are very much in request.