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WIEN Station & OBB

Thinking of two legged journey (north Italy to Budapest). On OBB it says
"There are No Services Available for this Section of the Journey for first leg of trip.
Does this mean full ticket cannot be purchased on OBB site, or only that you can't purchase anything more specific than ticket?

Next question please -- it says " You have 5 min to get your connection" Ack! How feasible is that?

Thanks in advance.

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From where to where and when? I take it to mean that there is no restaurant car on the first train.
If the transfer is mid-day and you miss it because of a late arriving inbound train, you can get the next one 1 hour later. When I look at the RJ 132 from Venice, with a 5 minute connection at Vienna Hbf, it is from track 10 to track 9. That means it is a cross platform change. Just walk across the platform to your connecting train.

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Does this itinerary have you on the bus from Venice to Villach?

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From where to where and when?

Please answer Sam's question, so we can stop making guesses.

There are 10 train connections per day between Venice and Vienna; two of them are direct, all others have between one and three changes, and two of them include a bus section.

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Pardon, I am very grateful for all responses. I tried twice earlier this afternoon to respond, with detailed quotes & responses, but for some reason site wouldn’t upload/keep my post. Admittedly I got discouraged. So I will proceed here with very simple syntax. (Edit - even so, I'm seeing large blue print below that I can't normalize, so pardon)

Trip is from Venice to Budapest. I am thinking of train leaving 9:55am, transfer would be evening though, and if I miss it, would arrive beyond check-in hours for lodging host. This is a crude copy/paste from OBB site. Danke schon/ köszönöm

9:55 dep
Venezia Santa Lucia
There are No Services Available for this Section of the JourneyYou will need another ticket for the section of the journey Venezia Santa Lucia > Wien Hbf.
Railjet 132
with destination Wien Hbf
17 intermediate points
17:35 arr
Platform 10A-B
After 7 h 40 min you will arrive in
Wien Hbf
You have 5 min to get your connection
17:40 dep
Platform 9C-E
Railjet xpress 67
with destination Budapest-Keleti
5 intermediate points
20:19 arr

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No Services, means no restaurant or bistro car. You can still take the train.
However, if you worry about the super-tight connection and the next train doesn't work because you wouldn't be able to check-in at 10PM, you could leave Venice the night before by overnight sleeper train to Vienna, then connect to Budapest.

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next train doesn't work because you wouldn't be able to check-in at 10PM

Thanks @balso! Didn't realize- it looks like there's a 7:42pm OBB after the 6:42pm Swiss Railways.

Would I be able to use the same ticket - if I missed earlier train- since they're different carriers?

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it looks like there's a 7:42pm OBB after the 6:42pm Swiss Railways.

What are you talking about? Swiss Railways is not involved between Vienna and Budapest.

Should you miss the train to Budapest because of late arrival of the train from Venice, there is the next one about one hour later. If the arrival time of that train is too late for your check-in at your accommodation you should consider other possibilities.

First I would call or email the lodging explaining the situation, and ask if a later check-in is possible. If not you should look for other transport options.

NightJet train from Venice to Vienna, arriving in the morning, plenty of time to catch a train to Budapest.
Flight from Venice to Budapest, cheapest option about $140, flight time 4:30 hours, one layover (Brussels Airways)
Early train to Udine, bus to Villach, train to Vienna, train to Budapest.

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Or take Ryanair from Venice Treviso airport to Budapest -- quicker and possibly cheaper, even with the booked-ahead cost of checked bags.

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I was considering the Ryan Air flight too, thanks @Laura B, but for some reason I was under the impression that they're the Spirit Air of Europe.

Also - wondering...
For those familiar with train route, is it at all scenic, or a special experience?