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Whit weekend in Austria

This is the weekend we will be in Austria. Will all grocery stores and bakeries close on the Monday? What about museums?

Will public transport be running as usual, or less trains and buses that day?

I haven't experienced a public holiday in Europe so don't know what to expect.

More crowds perhaps?

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I assume you mean Easter Monday. It will be like it is on Sundays. Stores, bakeries which are closed on Sundays will be closed. Public transport will be on Sunday schedule. Museums should be, too, but to make sure I would inquire.

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Every country in Europe has different rules on holidays- Austria is one of the more extreme.

On Sundays and holidays (including Whit Monday), all shops, groceries and bakeries will be closed. The exceptions, however, are at the train stations, where they are permitted to stay open. Groceries and bakeries at Westbahnhof, Meidling, Franz Josef, Praterstern and Landstrasse will all be open. A warning, however, these places will be complete mob scenes and should be avoided.

Public transport will be running, but an a slightly reduced schedule (I doubt you will even notice a difference).

Restaurants, museums and attractions will be open as normal.

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Yes, I did mean Whitsun weekend :)

Emily, good to know. Thank you. One member has severe food allergies and needs specific items, so I'm glad I know up front.