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Which Sound of Music Tour?

I know that there are 2 bus tours and a bike tour. Can I get any thoughts as to which is best? I am in good shape and riding a bike is not a issue. I am guess that would stop me from doing the happy "sing along" that both Rick and Cameron refer to...

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I think the bike tour would be great fun. I've heard good things about the Panorama tour (big bus) and Bob's Tour (smaller 8 passenger van), too. I would do the bike tour if the time of year and weather was right.

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I could make you a list of a "few of my favorite things" about the bike tour but it's more fun to experience on your own. Slightly silly at times? Yes, but as SOM fans, we loved it. Especially the 2nd half when we were out in the countryside. Nice to be in the fresh air and use some different muscles after lots of walking.

Enjoy your trip!

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Thanks for the replies. I was leaning towards the bike tour. This helps me make up my mind.

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We did the Panorama tour during January several years back. The bike tour would have been a strong consideration but was not a offering during January.

As a cyclist I ride with a bike helmet and would feel uncomfortable without one. The Fräulein Maria's Bicycle Tours website shows clients riding without helmets other than one image of a child. Wondering if they loan or rent helmets. (Your tour companions could be a bigger hazard than motorist).

The bike tour is by necessity limited to the closer in Salzburg locations and doesn't include the Mondsee Church and lake region.

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My daughter and I took the bike tour last month and really enjoyed it. Just to let you know - we tried to sign up on line and got a message that the tour was fully booked. We showed up anyway and were able to take the tour. There were three tour guides that morning. We had the music for the second half of the tour - by that time we were all into our movie memories and the singing along made it even more enjoyable!

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We really enjoyed the bike tour, but it does go on rain or shine as long as it is still safe to go. Our tour was a rainy tour in late September and a little chilly because it is hard to stay completely dry while riding a bike.

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I did the Bob's tour in May. I liked it very much. There was the driver/tour guide and 6 customers. We were one step ahead of the big bus Panorama tour. That would be too many people for me. The bike tour sounds like fun, but you couldn't possibly cover as much territory on a bike.