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Which concert in Salzburg?

My husband and I enjoy classical music, but honestly don't know enough to see if one of these concerts is far better than the other. I will say we will have arrived in Germany on September 3rd, and be traveling to Salzburg on Sept 5th. Our best day for the concert will be on September 6th. I am not sure how well recovered we will be from the time change, so perhaps the 5 pm concert will be the best for us. However, if anyone knows anything about these concerts, and can give me insight as to whether the 8 pm concert is much better.... I would appreciate it.

The first concert is at Mirabell Palace, in the Marble Hall , "The twins quartett" at 8 pm

The other is in the Mirabell Palace Church "Salzburg Classic Music Konzerte" at 5 pm

I hope these links work!

Thanks !

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Looks like both of them will feature pieces by Mozart (big surprise, huh?). Based on concerts we've attended in Europe, I think you'll probably recognize some/most of what either of them play. I'd generally prefer the earlier concert at 5 pm, leaving me able to have dinner at a reasonable time after the concert, instead of being in that weird in-between of too early to eat before and later than I would prefer to eat after it's over. Are there any reviews online for either of these? A lot if times there will be reviews on TripAdvisor and you can get a sense for what you'll see and hear.

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As a rule I prefer to attend the High Masses at Franziskanerkirche on Sunday morning at 9am or at the Cathedral at 10am, and I have often changed my travel plans to include a Sunday - very often these masses have full choir and orchestra accompaniment and are much more suggestive than chamber concerts. - In this case the original poster will not be on a Sunday and in any case the Cathedral Mass on Sep. 4th will have a Palestrina with choir while Franziskanerkirche a simple organ accompaniment (programs are available online), so this answer does not apply to this case but I write all the same as a reference to other travelers.

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We won't be able to be in Salzburg until Monday. Thanks for the information anyway!


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Wherever you are in the German area, have a look to Sunday church services with music in the main churches. You could be surprised.

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We had a great time at the Mozart dinner concert at St. Peter's Monastery. Mainly opera between courses. Excellent musicians and good food. A fun evening. Not on a level of Mirabell but very high quality.