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Where to go after Vienna


My girlfriend and I are traveling to Vienna for four nights in December 2020. We will be using one of those days for a day trip to Bratislava. The other three days, we will be exploring Vienna and enjoying the Christmas markets.

We will have 4 more nights to spend in Europe before heading back to the US. We have considered Munich, but were curious as to which cities would be best for 4 nights, which are a train ride away from Vienna. We are interested in history, culture, and of course the Christmas markets.


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If a train ride away also includes night trains you can reach large parts of Europe from Vienna.

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Budapest--just a 3 hr train trip away and chock full of history, culture and Christmas markets.

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Vienna and Bratislava are wonderful at Christmas. My vote would be for Munich with a day trip to Nürnberg. We've been to all of them. Our next holiday trip will include Salzburg for sure.

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Another vote for Budapest. A short train ride or shuttle ride with CK Shuttle (2.5 hours).

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Budapest is my choice as well. We are headed there in May after a few days in Vienna.

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I did a similar trip this past December and opted for Prague. It was amazing.

I hear great things about Budapest and it is on my list for next time

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Budapest is huge - there is so much to see. That would be my choice to visit. I spent 4 days there in '18 and still only scratched the surface.