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Where to get a good cup of coffee in Vienna

I thought this article might come in handy for the coffee lovers out there. Many might assume that the best coffee can be found in the traditional coffeehouses. That is not really the case, however. Coffeehouses are renowned for their ambiance and atmosphere, not their beverages (although they are not bad).

As a further tip when reading this article it is helpful to understand how Vienna’s districts are numbered. There are 23 Districts (Bezirk) in Vienna. The districts are indicated with a four digit code. The middle two numbers are the district; the first digit is always a 1 and the last digit is always a 0. Every street sign in Vienna has this four digit code so that you know which district you are in. The third district is 1030; the tenth district is 1100; the nineteenth district is 1190; and so on.

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Thank you, Emily.
I will be in Vienna in December on a RS Munich Salzburg Vienna tour. My second visit. I will bookmark your post.

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Thank you Emily. This supplements the other excellent coffee information you've provided. I too will bookmark this one.

Sadly, none are open when I really need them to be open; the earliest are 07:30am.

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Emily, appreciate additional coffee options! I see "Fenster's" is 1 minute from our hotel. Nice to be able to grab a "to go" cup on our way out in the am. I am bookmarking this for September! Thanks.