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Visiting Südsteiermark (South Styria)

My husband and I would like to take the train from Vienna to Graz, rent a car in Graz, and then drive to South Styria (Südsteiermark). We have at least two reasons for wanting to do this: 1) it’s beautiful; 2) wineries. This is coming up quite soon—Sept 23 to maybe the 25th or 26th.

I am hoping someone on this forum has been to South Styria before and knows what it’s like. My impression is that it will be extremely humid, pretty hot (?), and has lots of mosquitoes. This sounds similar to Eastern North Carolina, where my parents are from, and which we visited at least once a year growing up. And even though I love Eastern NC, the summer and its mosquitoes are pretty awful.

Looking at accommodations online, there are some extremely steep prices (eg, $900-$1200 USD for three nights), for which you get a sort of resort-like atmosphere (not necessarily something we’re into), but by and large prices are reasonable—and for that you get a whole place to yourself or a kind of inn. Sometimes they include breakfast. :) But I notice it’s not common to have A/C.

Does it cool off at night so that getting to sleep isn’t so difficult? In the reviews of lodging I read, there are more complaints about when the place doesn’t have a mosquito screen / net than there are about no A/C. So it seems like you’d want to open the windows at night. (In Eastern NC, this wouldn’t help much.)

We’re both kind of wilting flowers in heat and humidity. We’re both from the North Atlantic / New England so we’re well acquainted with it. (But it’s not our favorite weather. )

I guess I’m trying to get a sense of how hot it will be in South Styria in late September; if it cools down significantly at night; and hoping someone might have tips about finding good lodging down there.
Thank you!

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I’m from NC and live in Austria. The weather in Austria is very different from Eastern NC. Very. By late September it will be cool and fall-like. Not sure where you get the idea that anywhere is Austria is sweltering like NC. It is definitely not humid. As for mosquitoes, we sleep all summer with our windows open and I haven’t had a single bite.

Where are you looking for your accommodation, which website? I’ve never seen prices like that. A/C is uncommon here because it just doesn’t ever get that hot and it’s always cool at night. You definitely don’t need a/c in late September. My last visit I stayed here - Pfeiler's Bürgerstüberl - in Feldbach which is just east of Graz, as an example. There are lots of great Airbnb’s in that area as well.

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Wow, thank you for enlightening me, Emily. I looked at weather forecasts and thru maybe the 12th in Vienna it looked like high of 83 and decent humidity. In South Styria, I thought that was a hallmark of the region.

But never mind about that. I’m so glad to hear that A/C not a big deal. (Wish I hadn’t canceled my original apt because it was on third floor within no A/C.)

I have been looking at for places to stay in South Styria. I did look once on Airbnb. You think Airbnb is a better source?

Editing to add: that hotel you link to is very nice but a bit pricey for me. From Saturday 23 thru Tuesday 26–three nights—€900 and up. I know that it would have been cheaper a few months ago. But I didn’t know then that my husband would sign in for a South Styria trip.

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... that hotel you link to is very nice but a bit pricey for me. From Saturday 23 thru Tuesday 26–three nights—€900 and up.

On the homepage of the hotel prices given for a double room start at €150 per night (including breakfast). (But this may be moot as it seems that the rooms are fully booked.)

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And the breakfast is amazing!

I would definitely look at AirBnb's. This one, for example, looks beautiful -

Note - I have no first hand knowledge of this house, it just looks like one I might pick for myself.

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Wmt1, I didn’t pay much attention to the home page. I clicked on Booking or whatever it was called and entered 2 people and the dates. I guess there are rooms from €150, but in this case far beyond €150. Ha.