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Visit to Tirol

My husband and I are going to have three nights in the Tirol region and we are feeling so lost about where to situate ourselves. We will be coming from Vienna and would love to be in a picturesque, mountain town that has some good summer activities (hiking, rock climbing, river sports). I love to take photographs and a place that has a lot of natural beauty would be wonderful. We may take short day trips into smaller villages if they are near. If anyone has any recommendations, I would be so grateful!

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I spent some time in southern Tyrol in a town called Merano (sometimes called Meran) It is an old spa town, very picturesque. I was there with a group of 3 other photographers and we loved it. It is a bit of a mix of Italian/German and the restaurants offered that variety. I was not going to Germany that trip and was very happy when they had my favorite goulash suppe at one of the restaurants. We took the train from Venice and then on the way back to Venice we hired a cab so we could stop at various picturesque sites. I was there in Feb. but the weather was still very pleasant. Two of our group went to the spa for a day treatment. It is a lovely town.

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We enjoyed the PillerseeTal area of the Tyrol. Five villages connected by free bus service. We stayed in Fieberbrunn.

With the local bus serving the five village area we could ride from Fieberbrunn to Hochfilzen, ski to St Jacob in Haus, ride the bus to Fieberbrunn for a cappachino and pastry before going back to the hotel.

No car needed. We took the train from Salzburg.
Hiking in PillerseeTal

PillerseeTal leaves hikers wanting for nothing: those who imagine that
the mountains in Tirol are only rugged three-thousand metre affairs,
are very much mistaken. Whether it is the Steinplatte, the
Buchensteinwand or the Wildseeloder – in Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St.
Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee and Waidring you will find an
inspiring hiking landscape.

In Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich am Pillersee
and Waidring you don't necessarily have to tackle high alpine routes,
you can also hike on the short routes, which still offer plenty of
variety. Challenging summit tours for ambitious mountain climbers and
hikers are also available.

A cross-country skiing holiday in PillerseeTal denotes a very special
sporty experience and an adventure in the natural surroundings. The
indescribable mountain backdrop surrounds you as you investigate the
loveliest slope network in Tirol. The "snowy refuge" of the
Kitzbüheler Alpen, as PillerseeTal is also known, stands out thanks to
its perfectly prepared cross-country slope network, which has a
variety of routes in different difficulty levels.

Whether classic or skating style, beginner or pro, everyone is very
well catered for here. Past Lake Pillersee, across glistening
snow-covered meadows, through Tirol's superb winter landscape. It is
not for nothing that PillerseeTal is one of the top cross-country
venues in Austria. Our wide range of cross-country events and the
annual Biathlon World Cup complete a put the finishing touches to a
perfect cross-country holiday in Austria.

We stayed at the Sportshotel Fontana. Link below is an active life description - hiking, cycling etc:

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What time of year? Summer, I assume?

I've only visited in the winter for skiing, but I understand Kitzbühel has all kinds of stuff to do in the summer. The old center of the town is also quite attractive.

If you're traveling in August, when heat waves can sometimes strike, one location I would use as an escape from the weather is Obertauern. It's high altitude keeps the temperature fairly mild in summer, even as temperatures scorch in the valleys. Usually great weather for hiking. However, this town was purpose-built as a modern ski resort. If you're looking for some glimpse into Austria's past, this won't provide it. And most of the hotels and restaurants close outside of the ski season- it can be practically a ghost town. However, the few hotels that do remain open tend to be upscale and offer fantastic off-season discounts. Radstadt below in the valley has more life during the summer season, and unlike Obertauern, it has a little more history behind it.

Lermoos and Ehrwald on the Austrian side of Zugspitze are also good choices.

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I went to college at the University of Innsbruck for the Summer of 1970. And I'm drawn to return from time to time. It's an incredibly beautiful place that's best seen by rental car. Getting up on the mountain and driving from village to village is a great way to see the region. is a great website for finding accommodations of any kind. Up and down the valley are villages servicing all the ski resorts. The zimmers and B&B's in the villages are incredible places to stay.

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The generosity of this forum is so incredible. Thank you for responding to my questions and helping me figure out my trip. It really is a kind act!

If you wouldn't mind my adding one additional hope we had on our list...we would love to hike to a mountain hut for lunch. Do any towns come to mind with this ability (also old- Austria picturesque in Tyrol or Saltzbergerland)?

Thanks again!

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Re ...hike to a mountain hut for lunch

Mountain restaurants and snack stations in PillerseeTal: Enjoy
yourself in the traditional alpine inns, snack stations and mountain
restaurants in Fieberbrunn, Hochfilzen, St. Jakob in Haus, St. Ulrich
am Pillersee and Waidring. The addresses of all the restaurants on the
mountain for your refreshment stop in PillerseeTal can be found here.

I don't have personal knowledge of these mountain huts in that we were XC skiing the valleys. My guess is that some are mountain lodges serving the lift assisted skiers.