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Visa to Austria and Germany

Hey, we leave for Austria in June 2023 for our honeymoon. I'm wondering if we will need visas or the like when traveling to Austria. I am also wondering if we will need a visa for Germany since we plan to cross over near Salzburg. I am also wondering about the COVID vaccine requirements for this county as well. Let me know what you've found.

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katie, what country's passport do you hold?

There are no border checkpoints for passport control once you are admitted into the Schengen zone (at the airport).

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all depends on your nationality. Which passport will you be using? Will you stay in Germany and Austria for more than 90 days combined?

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Let me know what you've found.

Let us know what your research has revealed.

Nobody can help without knowing what passport you carry.

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Your federal government's state department (or equivalent, depending on your passport nationality) has a website with travel information. It will include entry requirements for every country. For future reference, for US passport holders there is no visa requirement to enter any country within the Schengen area (Google it), or to travel between any of the countries within it. But you are limited to a stay of less than 90 days in any 180 day period.

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You should be able to easily do your own research on this topic.

US passports holders do not need a visa for anywhere in Europe for short tourist stays. Go to the US Embassy websites in Austria and Germany for more info. There has been no COVID requirement for ages either.

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US passport holders can stay in Schengen--most of western Europe--for ninety days. All you need is your passport. Once in Schengen, you can travel from one country to another without any passport checks.

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Re passport checks: Even within Schengen there may be special events with additional security. German border control checked our passports on the train from Salzburg to Munich last June. The G7 was meeting outside of Munich at the time.

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We were in Austria and Germany in October. No one looked at our passports or our vaccination cards. When we crossed the border from Salzburg to Munich the train stopped and I thought it was border patrol wanting to see our passports but they were making sure everyone had their masks on. In Austria and Germany you have to wear a mask on public transportation at least you did in October.