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Vienna to Venice on the train ?

Thinking about doing this in December -- is the scenery worth 7 daytime hours on the train ? We've been to both cities before, but not between them.

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Vienna to Venice is a tough trip no matter how you wish to take it. And budget airlines don't serve that route either.
It's about a 360 mile trip, and it requires a train, a bus and another train at the Italian border.
The Alps are real physical barriers in some places. Trips to Budapest and Prague and Salzburg/Munich are easily taken from Vienna, however.
I've been to Venice in January, and it wasn't particularly enjoyable in cold, dreary weather.

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OEBB is showing this as a direct train, no changes. Your trip would be 11 months from now, and a lot of things can change between now and then. I do see a note that there is bus link due to construction beginning March 2014 to June 2014. So check back in June.

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Sorry, but the Austrian Alps are not going anywhere.

And unfortunately, budget airlines don't go from every city to other popular cities.

It's just hard to get to those two places. The option would be to go over to Salzburg, down to Innsbruck/Brenner Pass to Verona. Then change trains to go the last 75 miles into Venice. And that's a long, long trip.

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I myself would to this route by train, which is one where you can tailor the trains you want to take. Depart from Vienna to Munich by the RJ train, then take the CNL night train to Venice. The main problem is that this option eliminates viewing the scenery; keep in mind that in December it'll start getting dark by 16:00. Otherwise, stay the night in Munich, and take the day trains Munich-Venice with the transfering.

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Thanks to everyone for their info. Venice may get axed from this trip since it's outside our main Germany-Austria-Paris focus and takes so long to get to/from there. (We've visited Venice before -- and will again on another trip)