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Vienna - to Salzburg - to??? Help!

Planning a trip to in May 2021 to replace pandemic cancelled trip. We want to start in Vienna - travel to Salzburg and then are stumped? Can you help?

Opt 1
Thursday, May 27 - Fly from Boston thru Lisbon to Vienna
Friday, May 28 - Arrive Vienna
Saturday, May 29 - Tour Vienna including horse show ;)
Sunday, May 30 - Tour Vienna
Monday, May 31 - Travel to Salzburg (train is 3hrs )
Tuesday, June 1 - Tour Salzburg
Wed, June 2 - Tour Eagle's Nest
Thurs June 3 - Train to Nuremburg (4 hours) stay in Nuremburg
Friday June 4 - Tour Nuremburg ( then drive 1hour to Rothenberg)
Saturday, June 5 - Tour Rothenberg
Sunday, June 6 - Tour Rothenberg
Monday, June 7 - Fly home from Frankfurt (2 hr drive)

Monday, May 31 - Travel to Melk -- stay overnight (train from Vienna to Melk is 1 hour)
Tuesday, June 1 - Travel to Salzburg (train is 3 hours)
Wed, June 2 - Tour Salzburg
Thurs June 3 - Salzburg - Tour Eagle’s Nest
Friday June 4 - Salzburg ??
Saturday, June 5 - Munich
Sunday, June 6 - Munich
Monday, June 7 - Fly home from Munich

I'm not a bit city girl -- If we have a 2 days between Salzburg and flying home from either Munich or Frankfurt (or any other place that would get us back to Boston) -- where should be go?

Husband and 22 year old daughter on the trip -- her study abroad in Vienna was cut short so we are going back. She already did Halstatt.

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You might take a look at Innsbruck. The cable car to Hafelekar will give you an Austrian alpine experience. Visiting the ski jump at the Olympic site is quite impressive as well. There is the usual mix of churches, palaces, and museums. There are likely day trip options from there for more of the Alps if weather is good. The train ride from Salzburg to Innsbruck goes through beautiful alpine scenery. It would be easy to go onto Munich.

If you are are Sound of Music fan, the tours associated with the movie from Salzburg get good marks even from RS. Incorporating a salt mine tour with the Eagles Nest can be a fun experience if you have never done one before. Spend an evening at the Augustiner Bräu Stuberl in Salzburg for a great beer garden experience with the beer from wooden kegs at the monastery.

So sorry to hear your daughter's Vienna experience was cut short. I loved my semester there and have a soft spot in my heart for Vienna. It is wonderful you can return. With good weather in June, get to a Heuriger in the suburbs somewhere. My favorite is the Beethoven House in Heiligenstadt. It requires a subway ride and then a bus. We were the only Americans there on a fine June evening. The Schweizer Haus in the Prater is a huge beer garden worth the trip. Your daughter likely had to leave before good weather arrived.

Enjoy your trip planning!

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Well, if you're not a "big city" type, I think OPT 1 is a good plan with one exception. You can easily walk all of Rothenberg in a day. Nuremberg is much more interesting. I'd suggest another day there, or since you're driving, either drive south from Rothenberg to Nordlingen (about 20-30 minutes) or north 10-15 minutes to Bad Windsheim and visit those towns. Another option would be to spend the last day in Frankfurt (although that's not much time there either).

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Hi, we did your second option although in reverse and also included charming Mittenwald, Germany. Your description sounds like you would love Mittenwald. We stayed there two nights and went up the gondola, hiked in the lower areas, and really enjoyed the town violin museum that also included lots of the town’s history.

I can’t find my Trip Report from that trip, but I remember we stayed at the Weisse Taube (White Dove) in Salzburg for our return trip to Salzburg - love that town! The Salzburg Card was worth purchasing.

For Melk, we stayed at Hotel Restaurant zur Post and had a delicious dinner there, too. We took the scenic boat down the Danube River between Melk and Krems(may have been the town before or after this one) and took the train from there to Vienna.

At Vienna, we splurged and stayed at Hotel Stephensplatz - directly across from St. Stephens. Definitely would recommend it.

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You know there are now direct flights on Austrian between Boston and Vienna?

Your allotted time in Vienna makes sense, but you might consider adding another day.
The train takes 2 hours and 2 minutes from Vienna to Salzburg.
If you go the Wachau (area between Melk and Krems), I suggest more than one night. Stay two nights and spend one day on a boat or a bicycle. I also recommend staying in Duernstein instead of Melk.

Salzburg time allotment looks good to me.
After Salzburg I'd continue west and stay in a town in Tirol for a couple of nights. We love Seefeld in Tirol.

Then head to Munich or Vienna to fly home.

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You guys are fantastic! This is all such helpful info!

I just found Mittenwald -- and it looks lovely!!!

I usually Airbnb for trips - but folks seem to be suggesting hotels -- thoughts?

Thanks for the help - keep the suggetions coming -


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I have no idea whether you enjoy train travel for its own sake, but the mention of Innsbruck elsewhere in the thread makes me think of the Transalpin (EC 163/164). It's an understated scenic train. If it's of interest, you could enjoy a relaxing day onboard, or get off and explore whatever little community sparks your interest before returning on a different train.

A first-class pass or ticket plus a €3 per person reservation guarantees you a place in the panoramic car. ÖBB Austrian Federal Railways provides at-seat food and beverage service the whole length of the trip, and it's not bad, with local specialties on the menu.

You'll find details and pictures on the Seat 61 train travel Web site, and the train also has English and German Wikipedia entries.

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We almost always use AirBnB but we have a very favorite hotel in Seefeld in Tirol.

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Our favourite hotel in Seefeld in Tirol, after a couple of changes over the years, is the Hotel Eden. Website is and click on the little Austrian flag and change it to the Union Jack. Green apples and red apples in the room and at reception and other places. When they get back to normal breakfasts their buffet is excellent and we usually stay Half Pension because their set dinner is truly excellent. Lots of lovely little features at the Eden.

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Kelly, I have the same idea as you, fly to Vienna then Salzburg.
I spent a week in Austria in 2018, near Salzburg, never did all the things I wanted to so, I had Hallstatt on my radar, but never did make it. I liked the small town of Werfen, (No tourist in town), great castle to visit. Then there is Zell Am See that has the 3000m platform, well worth the visit. Also Munich is a short train ride away and it qualifies for a Bayern ticket. Also Fussen isn't that far away for King Ludwig castle If you never have been to Austria, you better get a cloth to wipe the drool off your mouth, it is great. Don't tell the German folks, but they might have the edge.