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Vienna ; The New Year's Concert

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Thanks for posting this article. I always tape and look forward to this concert.

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Thanks steven for this article, and for the earlier ones.

Another very recent post on this Forum indicates that the acoustics in the concert hall aren’t perfect, and that some seats are less than ideal. I remember thinking that was likely the case, standing in the rectangular space years ago. But then I figured that if any place would have faultless acoustics, it would have to be the hall in Vienna!

Even if it’s not perfect (?), what a place it must be in person! I wonder how early one has to reserve seats for the New Year’s performance … or are they strictly for subscribers?

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Cyn , the other thread you mention refers to The Vienna State Opera , just around the corner from The Musikverein , the concert hall where the Philharmonic usually plays . The acoustics in the Musikverein are arguably the closest to perfection that exists . I've been to The Musikverein numerous times over the last ten years ( three performances back in October and November ) and it's always thrilling . One of the nearly perfect halls we have here ,on this side of the pond is Boston Symphony Hall , home of The Boston Symphony Orchestra. No surprise ,
though , because the architect, Charles McKim , who did the design in the late nineteenth century modeled it on the shoebox design of The Musikverein . One other point I'll bring up from an informational perspective , The Orchestra that comprises The Vienna Philharmonic is drawn from The Vienna State Opera Orchestra , not the other way around . Players audition for The Opera Orchestra , and then , after a somewhat protracted probationary period , may then be invited into The Philharmonic .

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I'm so glad that the BBC got the broadcast this year. Recorded on 2 devices for backup.

Last year it was a pain using the link - but ever so glad that we were given it - it is so much easier to just use the video recorders.

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I have entered the lottery for 15+ years.
This year, as usual, I watched it on TV.

I did attend a concert in the hall in early December 2017, but will keep trying for the NY concert.

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Annual 2023 New Year's Day Concert
by Vienna Philharmonic at the Musikverein.

  • Concert broadcast, with audio commentary in Spanish (RTVE).
  • Music begins at 2m40s, with Eduard Strauss' "Wer tanzt mit?", Op. 251.
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Another recording that is available till June 2023 via following link. It is geo-blocked and reachable from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The film played during the orchestra break was filmed in Wiener Prater, where the 1873 Vienna World's Fair took place.
The first ballet performance was filmed in Laxenburg park and palace, about 20 km south of Vienna.
The ballet performance during “The Blue Danube” was filmed around and inside Melk Abbey in Lower Austria.

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Fifteen years? What a bummer. Figures crossed 16 is your lucky number. We plan to start entering the lottery when the child is old enough to attend. Of course, that means we can't request tickets for the Jan 1 concert because last time I checked the rules you can only request two tickets for that day.