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Vienna suggestions for the mutiple repeat visitor

We are going to Prague, Cesky Krumlov, and Budapest in late September, and will be passing through Vienna for a few days to break up the journey. We have been there twice before and absolutely love it, but we've seen pretty much all of the major tourist sites, having spent about 12 days there in total. Two things that we haven't done are the trip to Melk and a day trip to Bratislava - yes, I know not Vienna, but we didn't have the time to do either of those and they look to be super interesting. We will have an additional full day there and roughly two less-than-half days there that are mostly travel days in and out. I'll admit we only walked the grounds of Schönbrunn, having seen multiple palaces dripping in riches and we aren't sure we need to see another one, but opinions on that welcome. We did see a puppet opera there, though. What are some of your favorite things to do in Vienna that we may not have thought of?

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Maybe you've already been to (the Hundertwasser museum) but in case not, I'll mention that liked it enough to visit a few times. About half the space is dedicated to rotating exhibits by other artists.

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If you enjoy museums, visit the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art. Fantastic painted furniture and lots of other things. It's located in the Josefstadt district at Laudongasse 15-19. Website is

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I love parks. I find joy in just walking through them and watching the people. In Vienna, I'm particularly fond of the Augarten. It's a fun place to wander in early evening because so many people are out in the park relaxing, playing sports, tending to the flowers, etc. There is an enormous anti-aircraft tower, an indestructible remnant from WWII, in the middle of the park and a slightly less-impressive one just at the periphery of the park; I find them fascinating.

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I did the trip to Melk on my first visit to Vienna and will be repeating it this summer when I'm there. It makes for a great easy day trip and the Abbey tour is really nice. I enjoyed the boat trip from Melk back to Krems, and the fact that you can do it all on one ticket for transportation is another bonus. I'm going to Bratislava this trip as well, but this will be my first time there so I can't offer any advice.

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Two places in Vienna , rarely seen by visitors - Otto Wagner's 1907 Art Nouveau gem , Kirche am Steinhof - This abbey , about forty minutes from the center , with stunning art and architecture , Klosterneuburg - Also , if you visit The Augarten as Dave suggests , it is also home to Europe's second oldest Porcelain manufactory , filled with tempting treats for the eye -

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There are a lot of good festivals in September. What are your dates?

Also, where do you plan to stay?

Do you like easy hiking? Do you drink wine?

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Great ideas, thank you! To answer some questions, our trip is late Sept/early Oct, as far as any festivals are concerned. We DO like easy hiking and very little wine - oddly, it keeps me up at night so I just sip it a bit. And we haven't figured out where to stay yet. We'll be in for a 4 night stretch, then off to Budapest, then back for one night to fly back since connections to PHX from Budapest are terrible. We stayed at the Adagio apartment hotel on our two previous visits, comfortable small flats, very convenient to the Ring Road, trams stop right in front and it's close to Wien Mitte - great for checking your bags the night before your flight and taking a train right into the airport in the AM. We'll likely stay there our last night before we fly out, but I have to look up from what stations trips to Bratislava and Melk originate. We're not early risers so staying someplace with good proximity for those trips might be good if anyone has any suggestions.

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Melk is a must. See the Wachau, Krems, Maria Tafrl, & Melk. GO TO Maria Taferl BEFORE Melk Abby. Maria Tafrl is where Jacob Prandtauer practiced before he built Melk, and it shows. Do it this way and you will be blown away twice.

Schönbrunn is a classic, especially the long tour (Imperial apartments). Also interesting at Schönbrunn is the Carriage Museum.

Two hours in Bratislava on your way to Budapest is enough.

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Come back and remind me about your trip when it gets closer and I can suggest festivals. Most festivals haven't posted details yet.

My second/third tier sights for Vienna would be:

  1. Sigmund Freud Museum
  2. Spittelberg Area
  3. Kirche am Steinhof
  4. Hundertwasserhaus/Kunsthaus
  5. Renting a motorboat on the Alte Donau
  6. Pertchtoldsdorf/light walking through vineyards
  7. Kahlenberg/Stadtwanderweg 1 (
  8. Renting bikes on the Donauinsel and going for a ride

As for where to stay, I do not think it is at all necessary to stay near train stations for your day trips. You can be to the train station in a matter of minutes from pretty much anywhere in the city. Don't sacrifice the ambience.

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Have you been to the Dorotheum? It the largest antique auction house in Europe, and was started by the Holy Roman Emperor as a place his nobles could get cash for their precious stuff (royal pawn house).

The Military History Museum? One of the best collections of Austria's often forgotten military history (think prior WWI).

Carnuntum? One of the best Roman ruins anywhere.