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Vienna street map

We're making great progress in the planning for our Vienna trip in September. In preparation, though, I like to get the StreetWise map of where we going to begin making sense of where we're staying and the places we want to visit. In the case of the StreetWise Vienna map, the prices are astronomical. I'm seeing them priced from $60-something to more than $100. Can anyone shed any light on why this particular map is so expensive?

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The streetwise map is $7.95 which you can either order on line, google Streetwise maps or you can buy it at Barnes and Noble and I think ( got my Vienna map) on the Rick Steves website as he sells Streetwise maps. I am going on the GAS tour which includes Vienna. What map are you talking about that is so expensive? Where are you seeing them priced at $60.00 and up?

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Out of print?
Happily there are good alternatives, like the Marco Polo, for less than USD 10.

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The Rick Steves store doesn't have any Vienna maps and the StreetWise website says they have "0" in stock. I'll call the publisher Tuesday to see if they can shed any light on the Vienna map.

My local Barnes and Nobel didn't have any in stock and their website did not show a Vienna map either.

To see some of the astronomical prices, just Google StreetWise Vienna.

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You can get a Vienna popout map I believe; check Amazon.

(Edit following a July 4 picnic}
I have a StreetWise map of Vienna at the home in FL that you are welcome to. I'll be back there in early August, and can mail it to you then if you like; just private message me with a mailing address.

Having said that, I actually prefer the Popout map; they are lighter, are printed in bright colors, and have basically the same street information, though it is printed slightly smaller.

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You are correct. Even the website does not have them any longer. Ebay has one for $200+ (ha ha), they must be a collector's item now. Don't know what's up with that.

I do like the little pocket sized pop up maps that the other poster mentioned. Not as much detail as streetwise because they are much smaller but still on heavy stock so don't wear out, though I don't think they are laminated like the streetwise.

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Maybe just use google maps online for free for preparation purposes? Then when you get here, the Vienna tourist office has an excellent free map that every hotel hands out. Where are you staying?

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The city produced a new walking map this year (similar to the cycling map they have been publishing for some time.)
It is really good. Even better than the standard tourism map, imo. You could ask if your hotel will have some of these new ones on hand. There's an app too, which I haven't used. All free.
But here the website:

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I'm a fan of the Streetwise maps, too, and just had similar sticker-shock when looking for Amsterdam's--Amazon has them for about $40, found an older version on eBay for $4 but I'd rather have the most current version. Possibly they're just out of stock or being revised?

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I spoke to Streetwise this afternoon. What nice people. They are sending me the last Vienna map they have in the shop. It is definitely out of print, accounting for the steep prices around the Internet.

Thanks to all for the suggestions and alternate resources.

We'll be in Vienna twice - to start our trip and to finish the trip. Hotel Domizile and Pensione Suzanne will be home base. Looking forward to the trip and am beginning to brush up on my high school German.

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I really like Marco Polo maps - feel they are much better than Streetwise. Amazon has one for $7.95.

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Thanks for the update! I have borrowed one from a friend who will probably now want some kind of outrageous deposit, lol!! Oh well, I will just buy her a coffee at the next Rick Steves meet up and hope that will do.

Did they happen to say why they are out of print? Are they going out of business due to people using online mapping programs? Yikes. I'm feeling old....

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I agree with Emily. We always just have a couple of screenshots from Google maps for all of the places we've visited with just a couple of exceptions. For Vienna, most everything will be inside the Ring.