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I am planning to go Oct 5 - 26. Will I need to pack a lot of warm clothing?
Does the train from Vienna to Salzburg leave from Wien-Mitte Bahnhof, Wien Hauptbahnhof or Westbahnhof?

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PS: I'm flying in to Vienna and hope that I won't have to go to another station after I take the train from the airport to Wien Mitte.

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I took a look at the site - trains leave from Westbahnhof. You can take the airport bus there.

Here's the actual weather for Oct 6-19 (2 weeks is the max on that site) for Salzburg for the last 4 years - scroll down to see daily conditions. Looks like you can hope for warm sunny days, but expect chilly to cold.

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Are you planning to go immediately from the Vienna airport to Salzburg? If so, you can take a train directly from the Vienna airport train station to Salzburg. Railjet Trains leave on the XX:03 and the journey takes 2 hours 49 minutes. Bottom line - there is no need to go in to Vienna for this journey.

If you are planning to visit Vienna before heading to Salzburg, then I assume that you are mentioning Wien-Mitte because you plan to take the CAT (City Airport Train). Don't take the CAT - it is the biggest rip off in Vienna. Take the S7 train instead. Wien-Mitte is not a long-distance train station, so no trains go from Wien-Mitte to Salzburg.

To get to Salzburg from Vienna, you have two options - 1) take the OeBB train from Wien Hauptbahnhof or Wien Meidling to Salzburg (not Westbahnhof!) or 2) take the private rail carrier Westbahn from Westbahnhof. OeBB tickets should be purchased in advance online for 19 Euro at; Westbahn tickets are purchased on the train for 25.50 Euro.

As for the weather, it might be warm, it might be cold - who knows? Bring layers.