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I will be traveling to Vienna this summer as part of a bigger vacation. I will be in Berlin for 10 days them will go to Prague from Mon June22-Thurs 25, Vienna Thurs 25-Sun 28, then Budapest until July 2. I am a huge Sound of Music nerd and definitely want to go on the tour. Do you have any thoughts about just doing a day tour to Salzburg, or spending the night in this time frame? Or any other suggestions to the Itinerary?

Also, I have read on here good things about Pension Suzanne, but are there any other suggestions? I will be traveling alone.

Thank you so much!

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fschacckman I would definitely recommend spending the night in Salzburg. My wife and I actually did 3 days and 2 night in Salzburg and enjoyed it. We rolled into Salzburg late in the evening on day one and spent the night. The next morning we took the SOM tour with pannorama tours (which was pretty much an all day event). Then we spent the night. The next day we got up and explored Salzburg on our own (there's alot to do downtown) and left that evening to go to Munich.

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I visited Vienna last August and took the train to Salzburg for the day--a very long day, but very much worth it. I caught the 6:30 am train on a Sunday and arrived before 10 am, return train was at 6 pm. I immediately bought a ticket at the train station for a HOHO bus and since it was a cold, rainy day that helped get me to various sites in outlying areas, with time to explore what I wanted to. It includes the various SOM locales, and I toured the house and gardens at Heilbrunn before heading back to the Old Town section. Lots of shops to explore, and I toured the Mozart Gebursthaus as well. I had an excellent lunch at Tri Angel in that area, walked along the river and there was an outdoor craft fair going on. I could definitely have spent a night or two in that area, but for my needs the day trip was sufficient this time.

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It seems that Salzburg was not on your top list of priorities and not mentioned on your earlier thread. I would not daytrip there from Vienna because Vienna has so much to see in the three or four days that you are there. I assume that Berlin is getting 10 days for particular reasons, but if any of those nights can be shifted to Salzburg, that would be ideal.

If you want to see earlier Forum comments about the SOM tour, how "real" various sites are, or visiting some sites on your own, you can find quite a few by using the grey Search box above.

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Thank you all so much! I am going on a program in Berlin for 10 days, which is why I will be there for so long! I really would like to spend the night is Salzburg, so I am going to do my best to figure that our now. I know there are shuttles that can take you there rather than a train so I will look into that as well.

Any other suggestions would be great!!

Thank you!