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Vienna Philharmonic Summer Cocert at.Schonnbrun

Just realized I will be in Vienna on the nite of this concert. I have learned the concert is gratis and no tickets or reservations are offered.
I see a VIP section and another seating area. Everything else appears to be open standing room areas and no folding chairs or blankets are allowed.
There is no way my back would allow me to stand 2 - 3 hours especially after all that walking.

Does anyone have any logistical hints for me?? Or know how it is possible to get a seat in the seating area?? Obviously I am not going to be a VIP, but wonder if the seating is first come, or how that works.? Or if there is some area around the edges where I could sit on the ground. How many hours early should I plan to arrive??

I'm guessing getting in to this concert will be comparable to the Boston Pops 4th of July concert which is almost impossible. Hoping for better results for this one since it's really a once in a lifetime chance.

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Seating in the free section is first come first served. You just need to be there early enough. But you may take a blanket with you and sit on the lawn of the hill slope, i.e. behind the stage.
It all depends on the weather. 2016 it was marvelous, the years before stormy, cold, and rainy.