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Vienna Pass and Vienna Card

My mom and I are headed to Vienna for 6 nights in December. I just ordered the latest Rick Steves Vienna guide, but it hasn't arrived yet. I have found that the advice in the guides for saving time (avoiding long ticket lines) and sometimes saving some money as well has been spot on. We want to hit the major sights and also attend Christmas concerts at MuTH and St. Stephens and a riding performance at the Spanish Riding School. I'll bet the guidebook has excellent advice on whether the Pass or Card are good values, but I don't have the book yet and would like to get the concert/performance tickets while there are good seats available.

Does anyone happen to know what the latest Rick Steve's advice is on this?

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Generally, the lines at attractions in VIENNA are a non-issue. The Vienna pass is for certain attractions and the HOHO buses. The Vienna Card is for public transportation. These are very different products. While I’m not Rick or his writers, I can give my two cents worth - the Vienna Pass is a huge rip off, but figure out if what you want to see is covered by the card. Compare the cost of the card against just buying a la carte tickets for what you want to see. Based on feedback I’ve read on the Vienna Pass, the users tend to wear themselves out dragging themselves from one attraction to another to make the dang thing pay off. To add, the HOHO buses are useless in Vienna and no one should ever visit a Madame Toussauds.

All of this said, the Vienna Card or any transportation pass always makes a ton of sense.

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I spent a week in Vienna a few years ago. Because I arrived on a Monday, I was able to buy a regular weekly pass for transportation and I used this extensively and found it to be a great value; this ticket starts on Monday so may not work for you. I’d suggest that you check the various ticket options in addition to the tourist-specific passes to see if they make sense for you.

Since I visited both Hofburg and Schonbrunn, I bought the Sisi ticket when I visited Hofburg. This ticket covers both sights and allowed me to skip the queue at Schonbrunn. Schonbrunn was the only sight where I noticed long lines. It was pretty crowded with visitors; I visited in September.

I visited many of the museums and don’t recall any long queues. I did buy a ticket for the Opera House (I saw a ballet) in advance at their website.

I took two walks with this company
and both were very good. I took the ”Third Man” walk (watch the film first) and one of the tours that focused on the Jewish community in Vienna before WWII.

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Depending on your interest in opera -- we took a tour of the Opera House, just walked up at the appointed hour as I remember.
We usually just get transport passes if the timing works out. For Mom, there are senior tickets 2-for-1 rides.