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If anyone has been to Vienna and went to a concert or opera, please let me know where you went, what you saw. There is tons of choose from on the website. I am going to be on my own Sept 9, 10, 11, and 12th so I am trying to find operas and concerts to see on some of those evenings on my own. I am thinking of going to the concert at St Charles church. I am open to seeing anything. Thanks for your help. I am staying at a hotel in Vienna and planning to take a cab to and from the opera or concert. Thank you.

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Check out the offerings at the Vienna Opera house during your stay - Carmen, Turandot, Madame Butterfly... If you can find the Rick Steves Travel Forum, you can find their website and buy a ticket. We were there on 11/1/2015 and saw an incredible production of Don Giovanni. With hindsight, I wish we had paid more money for better seats.

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I saw Rigoletto at the Vienna Opera House in June 2015, a wonderful performance! We bought tickets online before we left Atlanta and spent $$ for very good seats and we were rewarded with good views of the show and chatted with our neighbors some of whom were Viennese, one gentlemen was Israeli. Very nice way to mingle with folks.

I still think about the grand interiors and the elegant patrons with champagne during the intermission. You will love it!
Judy B

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Both opera houses put on great productions. The Volksoper tends to be lighter fare, operettas, and so forth. The Staatsoper is grander with more of the 'big' operas. Just find one you are interested in seeing and get the tickets on line. The quality of the performances are top notch.

I have been to the Requiem concert at Karlskirche and it is beautiful. You might also look at the Wiener Konzerthaus program.

And if you are staying anywhere reasonably central, you will have good public transit options--you really don't need a cab to access these venues. Spend the money on sekt instead!

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I would also check out concerts happening at the beautiful Wiener Konzerthaus - which is located just off the Ringstrasse at Schwarzenbergplatz/Stadtpark. They are the home of the Wiener Symphoniker and also host guest orchestras from all over the world. Beautiful hall.

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What is the dress code for the Vienna Opera House for both men and women?

I think that would be a very memorable event to attend!

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Some people dress pretty formally for the opera--I've seen Asian ladies in full traditional costumes, Europeans in cocktail dresses, gents in fine suits. But it's perfectly fine to go in a pair of slacks and blouse/dress shirt. In the standing section you will see people in jeans and polos.

It's not uptight. So long as you don't look like you've camping in the U-bahn for the last three days, no one will give you the stink eye over your wardrobe. More important to be respectful and appreciative than to look fancy.

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I want to thank everyone who responded to my questions regarding concerts. I agree don't use It was recommended by the Rick Steves office. It is a good source to start with, but do go directly to the venue you want to see. The website charges a lot more than going directly to the box offices. But again, by going to that website you can see all your options and get an excellent idea of what is playing in Vienna and how much there is to see! I was amazed by all the productions going on in Vienna including more than one opera house, churches and palaces! It really is a fest!.

I bought a ticket to see Vienna Royal Orchestra Concert www.musicofvienna.comOn this special evening the Vienna Royal Orchestra Concert takes place at the large fest hall of the Haus der Industrie instead of at the Imperial Hall. In the best Viennese tradition the Vienna Royal Orchestra will perform selected classical masterpieces, accompanied by two pairs of dancers and selected singers of international renown.

They say there is no dress code, so I will dress properly but not wear a dress or skirt.

I also bought a ticket forThe string quartet Mozart Ensemble presents selected works of viennese classic chamber music in the familiar atmosphere of the richly decorated Sala Terrena at the convent of the Deutscher Ritter Orden. The same place where Mozart himself, under the supervision of bishop Colloredo used to work and lodge.

And I bought a ticket to see the Spanish Riding School performance.

I bought one last ticket for Die Fledermaus - at the Volkopera. Again I bought the ticket directly at the Volkopera box office.

Thank you for all your help.

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Ann - On the Vienna Royal Orchestra, it is worth noting that this is a performance geared only for tourists. You might want to read the reviews on TripAdvisor to get a sense of what you will see. This will not be at all like what you would see at the Vienna Staatsoper, Vienna Konzerthaus, or the Volksoper.

The performance in the Sala Terrena will be of a higher quality, but still for tourists.

The production of Fledermau at Volksoper will be good, but you will not get subtitles.

I am not trying to dissuade you from any of your choices, but want you to know what to expect.

I mean Turandot and Madame Butterfly are on at the Staatsoper when you are here - just saying.

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Emily, I understand but this is what I want to see. I have been to Lincoln Center many times and have been to major productions. I am very much looking forward to all that Vienna has to offer and am quite sure it will be wonderful. Good luck to you.