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Vienna Heurigen

We will be in Vienna in June and have heard about the Heurigen, which sound like a lovely afternoon's activity. Is there a tram, a bus, are they open on weekdays, does anyone have a favorite or suggestions?

Thank you!

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We went ages ago, so any pertinent info for transport, etc. may have changed, but usually ther is a way to get to them on public transport. Mostly this is just to warn you-the wine goes down like kool-aid and hits hard later. It’s extremely easy to over imbibe because it tastes so good and seems to be so light! It IS fun though. Food generally quite good too.

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Heurigen are easily accessible by public transportation. The heurigen areas are clustered in several areas in the city, particularly in the northern border.

My favorite heuriger experience is to take bus 38A to Kahlenberg. Walk to the church for a fantastic view of the city and the river from high up. Take Stadtwanderweg 1 (hiking trail) down the hill, stopping at Mayer am Nussberg for some wine and nibbles and then have dinner at Schuebel-Auer, my favorite heuriger. Plan for 2-4 hours depending on your walking speed and how much wine you drink.

I also really like to go to Stammersdorf, which has a whole street full of restaurants with wine cellars. Take Tram 31 to the end and then follow signs for Stadtwanderweg 5, which takes you through vineyards and lovely views - . Heuriger Wieninger is considered the best one in that area, but check out the ones on the Kellergasse, which have lovely gardens.

Finally, I think that the area of Neustift am Walde is lovely. You can DIY a heuriger experience. You can walk up Rathstrasse, then head over to the Weinhof Zimmermann weaving your way through the vineyards. Use google maps for directions, but bus 35a goes through this area.

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One of my favorite Heurigen is 10er Marie, Vienna's oldest Heurigen, located in the 16th city borough. IMHO, they have the best Surschnitzel in town. This Heurigen is easily reachable using public transport, i.e., trams 44, 46, 10 and subway U3 (orange line), including S-train S45. Closed on Sundays.

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SJS, wt1, and Emily,
This information is exactly what I was looking for. I appreciate all the detailed transportation info and the specific locations. Very excited to see and experience this! Thanks very much to all of you!


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I'm late to the party but can heartily endorse Emily's recommendation of Weinhof Zimmermann. We took the U4 to Spittelau then connected on the 35A to Neustift. We started outside at Zimmermann until the rain came and then moved inside. Both were lovely.

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Thanks for the endorsement! Really looking forward to this adventure!