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Vienna Hauptbahnhof

I will be taking a train from Vienna to Prague on a Railjet. My ticket says I catch it on platform 9C-E. But when I look at the station map, it shows platform 9A-C, and it shows 9D-E. If someone can clarify this for me.


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gmarmaris, It might refer to sections of the platform where your class of cars may be located, so that you dont wait in the zone where the first class cars will be, if you have a second class ticket, for example. In some stations that's the case, especially with a long train. That's just a guess as I don't remember the train station in Vienna very well. Hopefully someone will confirm.

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Yes, that's a single platform 9 and the letters refer to how far along the platform your carriage will probably stop. The "A-C" and "D-E" points marked on the map are to show which way the letters run. You only need to get onto platform 9 and walk along it until you're in the C-E area. The screens on the platform will usually tell you exactly which letter you need to stand by, if you have a reserved seat in a specific coach.

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As the others say, the platforms are divided lengthways: A B C D E.
Longer trains occupy the full length, shorter ones do not. Yours will occupy C D E only. It is to make sure you stand in the correct place.

Click here for a photo of the departure board at Wien Hauptbahnhof. You can see some trains are listed as occupying part of the platform only, for example 12 A-C.
They also have smaller videos screens around the station (click here). Same story.

Click here for a photo of the train indicator on the platform. The first train will occupy A, B and part of C. 2nd class in sector A and B, 1st class in B and C. The third train listed is longer, and extends into D.

The photos are all from his website:

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Also, they may have two separate trains occupying the same track at the same time, or a longer train will split at the Hauptbahnhof.

For instance RJX 63 departs Munich Hbf going to Budapest at 9:11. It stops at Salzburg Hbf at 10:58. RJX 863 departs Bregenz going to Vienna Airport at 6:39. It stops at Salzburg at 6:39 at 11:02. It is joined with RJX 63 and both depart Salzburg at 11:08. Both trains arrive at Vienna Hbf at 13:40, with RJX 863 on track 9A-B, and RJX 63 on track 9C-E. People who boarded in Bregenz and and stops in between going to Budapest can now get off and walk to the other section of the train. At 13:40 RJX 63 departs for Budapest and at 13:42 RJX 863 depart for Vienna Airport.

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On each car there is a display showing train number, car number, and destination.
Should you have a seat reservation you know already your car number. Both on the platform and in the concourse on street level there is a display showing the position of all cars of all trains when boarding. So you can see that your car is e.g. in sector B of the platform, and you can position yourself properly for speedy boarding.