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Vienna for a week

I am going to Vienna in April so I would like to know the answers of these questions.
1. What are some good attractions you would recommend?
2. What is the average temperature(after adding humidity and wind chill) in Vienna in April? Would I need a jacket/coat? Can I wear just a t-shirt?
3. I heard on the Canada Travel website ( that you need to keep your passport with you at all times for identification purposes. Is this true? Because on the American Travel website ( it doesn't say that.
4. If I am flying from Canada(Newfoundland) how much would I expect to pay?
5. What are common scams in Vienna and how do I avoid them?

Thank you. I would gladly appreciate if you took the time to answer this.

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I'm not sure there are common scams in Vienna. Just keep track of your belongings like you would in most places. Cross body purse for a woman and men shouldn't have a wallet in a back pocket. I'm not sure from Canada, but from MN I can pay anywhere from $850-$1100 for a flight to Vienna. Some countries require that you carry your passport, however I never do, certainly not in Vienna, because I'd lose it. You could look at weather history website to find typical weather conditions. No doubt you would need a coat. You should watch the RS videos on this website for Austria to see what peaks your interest. It really depends on if you like art, architecture, etc.

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Most of your questions are answered in the Rick Steves Vienna, Tirol guidebook. After looking at it, you can come back to the forum for answers to more specific questions. I asked your #3 question on this forum because nearby countries do require this, Emily from Vienna said you do not have to carry passport with you at all times.

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  1. Buy and read a guidebook or search online
  2. Use google
  3. I live here and never carry my passport
  4. Use a flight search engine like kayak
  5. There are no common scams in Vienna.
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Ignore average temperatures, they tell you nothing. This is a good site to find daily weather conditions for any given month in a given city for the last 8-9 years.

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I had a friend get his pocket picked on a crowded tram by a young lady in a long ethnic looking skirt, but that can happen anywhere. Then there are the "Mozarts" hawking tickets to tourist concerts. Not a scam, but annoying.

I never carry my passport where I live, but I know people here, speak the language fluently English) and can call a friend for help or run home for another ID. When in Europe conditions are somewhat different. But it's a personal choice. Sometimes I carry it, sometimes not. My biggest fear is forgetting I put it in the safe and leaving without it.

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April in Vienna is not T-shirt weather; there's a good chance of snow at that time. You should expect rain. Still, that's a good time to visit.

I can't think of Vienna specific scams; it's a pretty safe city to visit. Still, I wouldn't carry my passport everywhere, and I don't keep all my cash and credit cards in the same pocket either.

Vienna has a lot to see, and it really depends on what you're interested in. The interior of the Opera is amazing if you like Art Deco, and if you prefer the performing arts you should try and catch an opera there. The arms and armor collections at the Imperial Armory is outstanding. The Kunstmuseum has a fabulous art collection. The parks are great when the weather permits. The coffee houses and pastry are traditional. Every time I go I find something else I like about the city.

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If you enjoy great singing try to get to the Hofburg Chapel on a Sunday to hear the Vienna Boys' Choir.

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Anyone from the public can buy tickets. It is not free.

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Going to Vienna in April, you will need a jacket based on my one time experience there in 2014. Most definitely not T-shirt weather and you'll see the locals also bundled up. In April 2014 there was definitely the wind and cool temperatures during the day.

In Vienna itself I carry the passport, but sometimes I don't. Never has happened but should I be asked by the "Polizei"... easily, recognisable by their uniform and shoulder patches, usually in walking around in pairs, to produce the passport ( den Reisepaß vorzuzeigen), I would tell them it's at the hotel. If you're on a day trip going outside of the city, carry it with you.

Forget the scams, just ignore them and walk away period. It works.

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As for Passports,I never Carry mine unless I am crossing a border for the day.I Carry a photo copy of my Passport and keep my original at the hotel.

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In Austria, different to Germany, you are not required to carry a photo-id with you. But if the police, for whatever reason, want to have your identity confirmed, and you have no id with you, they may take you to the next police station. Although this is extremely unlikely, it is best to have a copy of your passport with you, e.g. a scanned image on your smartphone.

A common scam in Vienna is selling concert tickets on the street by people in Mozart-like outfits. These concerts are overpriced and of low quality. Never buy tickets on the street, especially not from scalpers offering opera tickets.

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A common scam in Vienna is selling concert tickets on the street by
people in Mozart-like outfits. These concerts are overpriced and of
low quality.

It's hardly a scam. A scam would be taking your money and getting nothing in return. They are selling legitimate tickets to real concerts and operas. If one is a hard-core classical music buff these touristy concerts maybe be beneath them, but for 90% most other tourists they are a lot of fun and great way to spend an evening.
All the concerts I ave attended in Vienna were purchased from these costumed sellers (recommended by Rick BTW). They were very upfront about the costs, exactly where I will be siting, and what performance I will be attending. I probably would have saved money going directly to the box office, I was willing to pay a small mark-up for the convenience of not have to cross-cross the city to purchase them.