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Vienna for 7 nights then Prague 7 nights with extra night left help

This is part of an August trip that is 22 nights that starts in Paris for 7 nights
Then we fly to Vienna for 7 nights and take a train to Prague for the final nights. I had an extra night to add someplace or as you see below change it a little

Originally we were going to spend 6 nights at each destination and then spend 4 nights with a car exploring Austria and Czech Republic around Vienna staying in a smaller town and exploring from there.

But then we thought we could continue to use Vienna as our base and venture from Vienna towns that our about an hour from Vienna at least as shown from google map...

I also wanted to stay in the hotel imperial to experience a grand European hotel. It’s pricey but a lot less than if similar hotel in the USA! Last few trips we stayed in Airbnb’s and although they were great it is less than a hotel. And some places were not as expected.

So I hope the experts or experienced travelers have some insights and thoughts for me ?
Is hotel imperial the right choice?
should we spend 4 nights away from Vienna near or in the Czech Republic? Or stay in Vienna and take several day trips?
What else should I be thinking about?

I am happy not to rush around and honestly enjoy the slower pace it helps us soak in the experience.


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A few years ago, I took the train from Poland to Olomouc in Czech Republic, then bused to the city of Brno, where I picked up a car and drove to Prague, stopping for a few nights in some of the pretty small towns in Moravia and southern Bohemia. Cesky Krumlov is the most popular tourist town along the way, but there are many others like Telc, Trebon, and Jindrichuv Hradec. Each town seems to have a castle and a big lake - and a plague monument.

You could take the train from Vienna to Brno and do the same thing I did. Driving was really easy. You could take 2-3 nights away from Vienna and Prague to do this.

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Hotel Imperial is the #1 hotel in Vienna. It has a longstanding tradition for accommodating state guests during official visits, e.g. Queen Elizabeth II, Presidents Kennedy and Nixon, Chrustchev from USSR, kings and emperors, sheikhs, artists, and Hitler.

Be happy if you get a room there.
(The German version has more information about the hotel's distinguished guests.)