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Vienna Five-Day Itinerary?

I posted this last night but the link to my question is "unavailable". So, sorry, here goes again, but more concise:

My husband and I will be in Vienna for five full days in early November, Monday through Friday. I am trying to put together a comprehensive day-by-day itinerary of the Rick Steve's "MUST SEEs" in Vienna, using Rick Steve's guidebook. One of those days we will take the train to Batslavia.

I used to be very good at researching, analyzing information, and organizing comprehensive itineraries, but now I am struggling with it.

Do any of you seasoned Vienna travelers have a five-day itinerary to dust off and share?

With much appreciation,

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FYI: When I went to Bratislava last summer, the train ticket included free buses in Bra.. Don't know if that is still true.

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Nestor, thanks for the link to That’s a site new to me and very interesting.

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For the 5 days, spend it all in day trips to anywhere else.

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Thanks to all of you for your excellent guidance and suggestions. I'll post my draft itinerary as soon as it's complete.