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Vienna Easter Markets

Hello All!

I'm finally returning to Europe! I'm attending a conference in Vienna the last week of March, then heading to Katowice for a blitz research trip. I leave Vienna on March 27, and the direct train takes almost five hours to Katowice.

I realized last night that I'll be leaving Vienna the first day of the Easter Markets. I was wondering (mainly from Emily, to be honest ;-) ) what these markets were like. I enjoyed the one in Krakow. I ask because I can either take the 8ish train and arrive in Katowice around 1440, or take the 1430ish train and get to Katowice closer to 1900. Which is fine; I don't mind arriving in the evening. But it does mean the extra hassle of either storing my luggage at the Hauptbahnhof (which is newish? I've always used the Westbahnhof) or at the hotel and then backtracking, for a couple of hours at the markets. I glanced at the website last night, but didn't study it in detail. So, those who have been - Are the Vienna Easter Markets a worthwhile stop?

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There are 3 Easter markets in Vienna - Freyung, Schonbrunn and Am Hof.

Freyung is spectacular and very unique and an Instagrammers dream. Tens of thousands of decorated eggs are for sale and it is beautiful. The eggs are all on display, stacked up on crates after crates, glittering in the warm sun. So much color after a long hard winter. There are other crafts and nibbles for sale. If you have limited time, go to Freyung.

Am Hof and Schonbrunn Easter markets are essentially Christmas Markets wearing a bunny costume. Crafts and food are the same. Decorations give off an Easter vibe. As Am Hof is right next to Freyung, it is worth a look. Schonbrunn is farther out.

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Thanks, Emily!! This is the exact information I was seeking. I think I will take the afternoon train and check out the markets.