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Vienna Day Trips

We're going to Vienna for 6 days at the beginning of September (active 60+). As well as the usual sites, we also are planning on 2 day trips. We'll be doing the trip to Melk and Krems by train and boat. I can't decide what to do for the second trip. I discounted Bratislava because we don't want an urban trip. We also want to travel an hour or less each way.
I've read about the Vienna Woods and villages. Some other possibilities that I found are the Klosterneuburg Monastery, Grinzing and the area, Leopoldsberg and Kahlenberg. We wouldn't mind doing some short, easy trails in the Woods as well as visiting a village.
I also read that there is an event called Genussmeile that will be taking place the weekend that we're going to be there. However, every site I opened was only in German so I'm not sure what actually happens (except that it's connected to wine which is something we enjoy!)
We also want to go to a heurige. I understand that there are many in the Grinzing area.
Could anyone suggest an itinerary for a half day trip ? We'll be taking public transportation only.

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If you have any interest in Haydn, you could consider a trip to Eisenstadt and Schloss Esterhazy. I've been to dozens of palaces, and even without Haydn, this is one of the better ones. Mainly because you get to see the servants quarters and you can explore the gigantic wine cellar (these people really liked to drink...).

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You can easily combine a hike in the wood, vineyards, a heurigen, and Kahlenberg with a fantastic view of Vienna thrown in for good measure.

Here's what you do:

Take the U4 subway line to Heiligenstadt. Take the 38A bus to Kahlenberg. Walk to the right towards the church and cafe area for a great view of Vienna and the Danube. Walk back towards the large parking lot looking for signs for Stadtwanderweg 1. This is a city trail which is well marked and will take you to the village of Nussdorf. It is a beautiful walk through the Vienna Woods, vineyards and village. Stop at Mayer Am Nussberg on your way down for a glass of wine and nibbles. Keep walking until you get to Schuebel Auer, the best heuriger. They are closed on Sunday, but here is another heurigen next door as well. Have dinner there.

I don't know about the geneussmeile.

Another alternative is the village of Perchtoldsdorf which is great for heurigen and walks through vineyards.

If you are in Vienna on Sept 10 and 11, you should go to the Erntedankfest (harvest festival) which takes place this year in the Augarten park. Lots of wine and good food and lederhosen.

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Hi Taltul,
If it's the one I'm thinking of the Genussmeile is a winemakers' event in the Thermenregion--they will have some organized routes for walking through the vineyards and villages, with tasting tents set up by the winemakers (they'll have snacks too and likely sturm).
(There is a similar event in Vienna, the Weinwandertag, that is Oct 1 and 2 this year. )
The Thermenregion is not terrifically scenic, but there is some nice walking out there, including up the small hill Eichkogel in a nature preserve. . There are some nice heurigen in Gumpoldskirchen.

You might look at Retz. It's about an hour by train northwest of Vienna, so different terrain from the Wachau. It's a very handsome town, top notch wines, and good walking area. There is a neat old windmill out there, too.

Closer in, lots of walks in the hills above Vienna. Just depends on your interests.

Have fun!

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The trees in and around Vienna are mostly deciduous. When they change color depends on the weather in the fall. As it is already feeling cool in Vienna, I'm betting on an early fall this year.

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If we follow your suggestion for the trip to Kahlenberg and the walk back to Vienna how much time should we allot? Where in Vienna will we be when we exit the trail? Thanks for the advice!

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Wow, lots of good ideas. Does anyone know where I can download a map of the Vienna woods trails?

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The trail, stadtwanderweg 1, ends in Nussdorf at the end of the D tram line. The D team takes you to the ring. When we do this activity, we usually leave our apartment at 2 pm and get home at 7 pm, but we have small kids so are slow.

I put a link above with the trail map.

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Schubel-Auer is also one of our favorite heurigen, so I would enthusiastically second the recommendation to go there. However, I would like to also offer a variation on the Kahlenberg to Nussdorf walk - maybe even doing this on a Sunday when Schubel-Auer is closed and/or if you need another walk to work off some calories. Rather than taking the Stadtwanderweg to Nussdorf, you could continue to walk from Kahlenberg to Leopoldsberg, the next (and last) hill closest to the Danube. A baroque church is located there, and on the outside there is a plaque commemorating the visit of the Polish Pope John Paul II in 1983. Leopoldsberg was the meeting point of King Jan III Sobieski’s Polish-Austrian troops, who defeated the Turkish invaders and liberated the city of Vienna during the Second Siege of Vienna in 1683. After enjoying the amazing views from Leopoldsberg, you can walk down the 'Nasenweg' to the village of Kahlenbergerdorf. There were some nice heurigen there too. At least when we lived in Vienna in the early 1990s. From Kahlenbergerdorf, we caught the train back into the city from a nearby station.