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Vienna - Concerts at Christmas Time

I like classical music but I am really a neophyte.
1) Any recommendation for performances for a beginner? Maybe at a nice location?
2) Do you need to wear a jacket, tie, etc.?
3) I see those guys in costumes on the streets selling tickets. Are those concerts regular ones or is that a bit of a scam?

Thanks so much,

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1) It depends on what you define as neophyte . I gave a quick look to what is currently on in Vienna and some things would certainly be suited to a more developed ear . As far as Opera , " The Makropoulos Affair " and " Peter Grimes " might not be suitable . " Gypsy Princess " would be a better choice . " Fille mal Gardee " , a ballet , also a good choice . 2) Some people who post on this board feel as I do , about the dress - You won't be refused entrance to a program if you are , shall we say , underdressed , but neither do you need to be attired in white tie . Appropriate attire in Vienna's Concert Halls and Theatres is good manners , to say the least . I come prepared with decent slacks of dark color ( no jeans ) and a dress shirt and tie . 3) As far as the programs that are hawked on the street by costumed " Mozarts " , I would tend to skip those . In any event , the impending season will likely impact ticket availability , in the near future - look here to get some ideas , if you have specific questions about repertoire , please ask . Don't be put off by what may seem to be " touristy " . As a new listener , be aware that Vienna , like other music capitals ( Paris , New York , London and others ) has a large , and extremely competent community of free - lance musicians who staff the performances . You won't be listening to avocational players

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I really enjoyed going to the Opera House to see a ballet when we were in Vienna. The orchestra were fantastic (I have a classical music background), and the bonus was seeing the ballet & of course, the historical building.

I would avoid the costume guys unless you just want to say that you heard a concert while in Vienna.

We both wore black pants (I brought a dress, but it was a cooler evening). I wore a black cardigan & nice blouse, and my hubby had a nicer travel shirt. No need for a jacket & tie unless you're planning to wear them for another event.

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Enjoy this - From the 2014 New Year's concert by the Vienna Philharmonic in the Golden Salle of the Musikverein . Johann Strauss' " Tales of the Vienna Woods " - With the original zither part , to boot .

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Thanks so much everyone. That link is just what I need to get going. I know I am cheap but these cost a fair bit I see. Not surprising I guess given the standard of play.