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Vienna Coffeehouses

Looking for feedback on those listed below and any other recommendations. Do's /don'ts / ordering tips welcome. OBTW, how would you order a "latte" in Vienna?

Cafe Central
Cafe Fraunhuber
Cafe Sacher Wein
Cafe Gerstner
Cafe Hawelka
Cafe Jelinek
Cafe Schwarzenberg
Cafe Alt Wein
Cafe Sperl
Cafe Imperial
Cafe Landtmann
Cafe Diglas
Cafe Hummel

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You want to order a melange. Don’t order a latte. Overall, you go to a Viennese coffeehouse for the ambiance, not the coffee. Waiters will be rude, so be pleasantly surprised if they are not. Viennese make an afternoon out of a coffeehouse visit, so don’t drink and dash.

Cafe Cent - I think you mean Central? Very touristy but an amazing cake display. Not worth waiting in line for.
Cafe Fraunhuber - Pretty good choice for authenticity. I think you mean Frauenhuber?
Cafe Sacher - Cafe Sacher is tourist central and Sachertorte isn’t good, in my opinion.
Cafe Gerstner - good strudel
Cafe Hawelka - coffee only, good ambiance.
Cafe Jelinek - never been
Cafe Alt Wein - Wein = wine; Wien = Vienna; never been
Cafe Sperl - good choice
Cafe Imperial - never been
Cafe Landtmann - good choice; good strudel
Cafe Diglas - great for cakes
Cafe Hummel - never been

Check out these links -

And most importantly, what you should know -

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Thank you all for the great feedback and info. I am getting a much better picture of my options.