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Vienna classical music concert recommendations

Friends :

We will be in Vienna, Sept 18-22 (with four evenings available)
We are three of us .. my, my wife and daughter .. not very well versed in classical music, but
very much interested (we just did our first Opera in Budapest : Mozart's 'The Magic Flute' and loved it)

Looking for classical music concert recommendations

Thx for your help

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Thank you Sam.

We are looking for classical music concerts (not Opera) - your feedback is welcome.

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Sam, wmt1 -
I was trying to buy tickets for
19-Sept for

Die SchlossCapelle
Mozart & Vivaldi
Die vier Jahreszeiten - The four seasons<<

Cheapest tickets - for 15 Euros,
This says 'Free Seating'
Do you know what this means ?

Will this have seats .. or is it standing only ?


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I guess you are referring to this event:

You will see the color codes for the different price categories. Click on Saalbuchung and the available seats will be shown. The light green €15 category means Stehplätze, i.e. standing room (no seats). In all other price categories you will have assigned seats.

This concert takes place in the famous Golden Hall, most likely having the best acoustics in the world.

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Thank you very much, wmt1 -
you saved me and my family two hours of standing which would have been very tough.

Now a stupid question (sorry, I'm learning) if you can help me out.
I have choice between :
Tuesday's :
Mozart & Vivaldis "Vier Jahreszeiten"
Die SchlossCapelleGroßer Musikvereinssaal

Wednesday's :
Wiener Mozart Orchester
Großer Musikvereinssaal

Seats are available in both. Both are 2 hour concerts.
What is the difference between the two .. apologies in advance, I am a novice.

Also -- this is at the Golden Hall, correct ?


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Vivaldis "Vier Jahreszeiten"

"The Four Seasons" I am sure you have heard excerpts, its Vivaldi's most famous work. A series of violin concerti, for anything from string quartet to a chamber orchestra.

You can view the program at

Sept 19 & Sept 21 Mozart Symphony K 201, Hayden Symphony, and Vivaldi Four Seasons

Sept 20 Mozart excerpts from "Don Giovanni", "Marriage of Figaro" and "Magic Flute" with Soprano and Baritone. Plus Strauss Jr "Blue Danube and Strauss Sr "Radetzky March". Just like the New Years Day Concert.

Yes, all in the Golden Hall.

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Both concerts (of equal duration), Tuesday and Wednesday, take place in the famous Golden Hall.

The music played on these two days is quite different. Have a look at the programs.

It depends on your liking what you choose. On Tuesday you have more or less three symphonies, on Wednesday a much more varied selection of opera music (including singing) and the two most famous pieces of music written by Johann Strauss Son and Father respectively.

I would suggest attending the concert on Wednesday, because you said that you enjoyed the opera performance in Budapest.

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We just returned from Vienna, you will love it! We saw the "Vienna Supreme Orchestra" in a smaller hall and it was great. Prices are reasonable, a good program and selection of music. We bought the tickets from a guy in front of the opera house. They do two concerts a night. We saw the early concert at 6:30PM. The program included several Strauss waltzes and opera pieces, some dancing and two singers. I think you will enjoy it. Have a great trip.

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Glad that you enjoyed the concert. Generally speaking, buying tickets on the street is strongly discouraged. You never know what level of quality and professionalism you will experience. Lots of tourist traps around.