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Vienna City Marathon - April 23

In trying to avoid major holidays around the end of April early May (Easter, Labor Day) we accidentally booked our trip to Vienna on the weekend of the Vienna City Marathon. The marathon is on Sunday and I was wondering if anybody knows whether this is going to make getting around the city really difficult? I was originally thinking we would go to the Hofburg palace that day and then Schonbrunn on Monday but now I'm wondering if Schonbrunn might not be less crowded on Sunday? Although the marathon appears to run right past it so now I'm not sure. We will be in Vienna Sat-Mon. Anyone have any advice?

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This is the official online city map of Vienna:
It is way better and much more exact than e.g. Google Maps, although it does not contain information about private enterprises like hotels ore restaurants.

On the left you find a large number of check marks which give you the possibility to overlay a vast amount of information to the map.

If you put a check mark on "art and leisure / sports facility / Vienna City Marathon" the track of the race will be displayed.
If you put another check mark on "traffic and transport / public transport" all public transport lines will be shown, too.

Where ever an overground line or a bus line will cross the race track, it will be impaired and rerouted. At every stop there will be explanations how the affected lines will be operated during the race.

Subway (metro) lines and elevated lines (S-Bahn) will run unaffected. As public transport is a mesh with a lot of nodes there is always more than one route to go from A to B.

Refrain from using a car or cab on this day. Due to the many road closures and detours there will be a lot of traffic jams.

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Thanks that's really helpful!

Anyone have thoughts on Hofburg palace vs. Schonbrunn on that day?

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If you intend to use the U-bahn to get around, it won't be a problem. Trams will be disrupted, esp on the Ring. Lots of streets get closed off so driving is exceedingly difficult in the center as w notes. I love going out on my bike on marathon day as the city is wonderfully quiet without the traffic.

The issue with the Hofburg is that the finish line is at Heldenplatz. It will be VERY crowded around there and getting in and around the Hofburg might be a nuisance. Depending on your timing there might be lots of visitors there, too (a lot of folks combine a tourism visit with the marathon so that might be a popular thing to do on race day as they are right there already). All of which is to say you might choose Schonbrünn for that day.

The atmosphere on marathon day is fun and festive. So some time in/around the center is nice. You can get some wonderful pictures of the runners going past monuments (Secession, KHM, etc). So don't feel like you've scheduled yourself for trouble. It will be a special day here!

If you can time it right, be there to watch and cheer for the leaders at the turn around at Schonbrünn.

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Schönbrunn Palace is located at the foot of a hill. Tourists come to the main entrance of the palace's garden, visit the palace, and eventually climb up the hill to have a marvelous view from the roof terrace of the Gloriette.

I learned from clever locals to enter the premises at the upper east garden entrance, walk comfortably to the Gloriette, enjoy the view, maybe have a coffee in the cafeteria, and stroll then down to the palace. That's the order of visiting I would recommend.

To reach the upper east garden entrance you must take bus 8A to the stop "Stranitzkygasse". The bus line 8A departs at "Wien Meidling" train station, one of Vienna's major train stations. You can reach it easily by e.g. subway (metro) U6, tram 62, Schnellbahn (elevated commuter), Badner Bahn (WLB), all of which should not be affected by the Marathon race. (There are much more other bus lines heading for "Wien Meidling", so it depends from where you start.)